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Support for many storage backends in Django

Project description

Django-Storages PyPI Version Build Status


Installing from PyPI is as easy as doing:

pip install django-storages

If you’d prefer to install from source (maybe there is a bugfix in master that hasn’t been released yet) then the magic incantation you are looking for is:

pip install -e 'git+'

For detailed instructions on how to configure the backend of your choice please consult the documentation.


django-storages is a project to provide a variety of storage backends in a single library.

This library is usually compatible with the currently supported versions of Django. Check the Trove classifiers in to be sure.

django-storages is backed in part by Tidelift. Check them out for all of your enterprise open source software commercial support needs.


To report a security vulnerability, please use the Tidelift security contact. Tidelift will coordinate the fix and disclosure. Please do not post a public issue on the tracker.

Found a Bug?

Issues are tracked via GitHub issues at the project issue page.


Documentation for django-storages is located at


  1. Check for open issues at the project issue page or open a new issue to start a discussion about a feature or bug.

  2. Fork the django-storages repository on GitHub to start making changes.

  3. Add a test case to show that the bug is fixed or the feature is implemented correctly.

  4. Bug me until I can merge your pull request.

Please don’t update the library version in CHANGELOG.rst or storages/, the maintainer will do that on release.


This repo began as a fork of the original library under the package name of django-storages-redux and became the official successor (releasing under django-storages on PyPI) in February of 2016.

django-storages CHANGELOG

1.14.3 (2024-05-04)


  • Add support for Django 5.0 and Python 3.12 (#1331)


  • Fix disabling CloudFront signing with class variables (#1334)

  • Fix AWS_S3_* environment variables lookup (#1336)

  • Add client_config/AWS_S3_CLIENT_CONFIG to configure advanced botocore settings (#1386)

Google Cloud

  • Fix re-gzipping already gzipped files (#1366)


  • Add SFTP_BASE_URL setting (#1368)

  • Fix saving files when SFTP_STORAGE_ROOT is set (#1372)


  • Add support for FTP TLS via ftps URLs (#1320)

  • Add support for passwords with urlchars (#1329)

1.14.2 (2023-10-08)


  • Fix re-opening of S3File (#1321)

  • Revert raising ImproperlyConfigured when no bucket_name is set (#1322)

1.14.1 (2023-09-29)


  • Do not require both AccountName and AccountKey in connection_string (#1312)


  • Work around boto3 closing the uploaded file (#1303)

  • Fix crash when cleaning up during aborted connection of S3File.write (#1304)

  • Raise FileNotFoundError when attempting to read the size of a non-existent file (#1309)

  • Move auth & CloudFront signer validation to init (#1302)

  • Raise ImproperlyConfigured if no bucket_name is set (#1313)

  • Fix tracking of S3File.closed (#1311)

1.14 (2023-09-04)


  • Breaking: Drop support for Django 4.0 (#1235)

  • Breaking: The long deprecated & removed (from Django) (modified|created|accessed)_time methods have been removed from the various storages, please replace with the get_(modified|created|accessed)_time methods

  • Add support for saving pathlib.PurePath names (#1278)

  • Add support for Django 4.2 (#1236)


  • Set account_(name|key) from connection_string if not provided (#1225)


  • Deprecated: The name DropboxStorage.location has been deprecated, please rename to DropboxStorage.root_path, a future version will remove support for the old name. (#1251)

  • Storage and related names with a captialized B have been changed to no longer have one e.g DropboxStorage has now replaced DropBoxStorage. Aliases have been added so no change is necessary at this time. A future version might deprecate the old names. (#1250)

  • DropboxStorage now conforms to the BaseStorage interface (#1251)

  • Fix name mangling when saving with certain complex root paths (#1279)


  • Use setting BASE_URL if it is defined (#1238)

Google Cloud

  • Breaking: Support for the deprecated GS_CACHE_CONTROL has been removed. Please set the cache_control parameter of GS_OBJECT_PARAMETERS instead. (#1220)


  • Reading a file that does not exist will now raise FileNotFoundError (#1191)


  • Add closing context manager for standalone usage to ensure connections are cleaned up (#1253)


  • Deprecated: AWS_S3_USE_THREADS has been deprecated in favor of AWS_S3_TRANSFER_CONFIG (#1280)

  • Important: The namespace of this backend has changed from S3Boto3 to S3. There are no current plans to deprecate and remove the old namespace but please update if you can. All paths, imports, and classes that previously referred to s3boto are now s3. E.g S3Boto3Storage has been changed to S3Storage and S3Boto3StorageFile has been changed to S3File. (#1289). Additionally the install extra is now s3 (#1284)

  • Add setting transfer_config/AWS_S3_TRANSFER_CONFIG to customize any of the TransferConfig properties (#1280)

  • Enable passing security_token to constructor (#1246)

  • Do not overwrite a returned ContentType from get_object_parameters (#1281)

  • Add support for setting cloudfront_key_id and cloudfront_key via Django 4.2’s OPTIONS (#1274)

  • Fix S3File.closed (#1249)

  • Fix opening new files in write mode with S3File (#1282)

  • Fix S3File not respecting mode on readlines (#1000)

  • Fix saving files with string content (#911)

  • Fix retrieving files with SSE-C enabled (#1286)

1.13.2 (2022-12-23)


  • Add support for Python 3.11 (#1196)

  • Add support for saving pathlib.Path names (#1200)


  • Catch 404 errors when calling delete() (#1201)


  • Use AZURE_CUSTOM_DOMAIN for retrieving blob URLs and storage URL for other operations (#1176)

Google Cloud

  • Use DEFAULT_RETRY for all upload & delete operations (#1156)

  • Fix gzipping of content (#1203)

  • Pass through kwargs to signed URL generator (#1193)


  • Improve write & memory performance when saving files (#1194)

1.13.1 (2022-08-06)


  • Strip off the root path when saving files to fix saving with upgraded versions of Django (#1168)

  • Update DropBoxStorage constructor parameter order to be backwards compatible (#1167)

1.13 (2022-08-05)


  • Add support for Django 4.0 and 4.1 (#1093)

  • Drop support for Django 2.2, 3.0 and 3.1 (#1093)

  • Drop support for Python 3.5 and 3.6 (#1093)


  • Breaking: Update and document the undocumented AWS_S3_URL_PROTOCOL from http: to https: and remove the undocumented AWS_S3_SECURE_URLS setting. You should only need to update your settings if you had updated either of these previously undocumented settings. The default behavior of constructing an https: URL with a custom domain is unchanged (#1164)

  • Add AWS_S3_USE_THREADS to disable threading for compatibility with gevent (#1112)


  • Add support for refresh tokens (#1159)

  • Ignore ApiError exception in url() (#1158)


  • Restore support for AZURE_ENDPOINT_SUFFIX (#1118)

  • Replace deprecated download_to_stream with readinto (#1113)

  • Add AZURE_API_VERSION setting (#1132)

  • Fix get_modified_time() (#1134)

Google Cloud

  • Add support for gzipping files via GS_IS_GZIPPED and GZIP_CONTENT_TYPES (#980)

  • Use GS_BLOB_CHUNK_SIZE with files that already exist (#1154)

1.12.3 (2021-10-29)


  • Add support for Python 3.10 (#1078)


  • Re-raise non-404 errors in .exists() (#1084, #1085)


  • Fix using AZURE_CUSTOM_DOMAIN with an account key credential (#1082, #1083)


  • Catch FileNotFoundError instead of OSerror in .exists() to prevent swallowing socket.timeout exceptions (#1064, #1087)

1.12.2 (2021-10-16)


  • Add parameters kwarg to AzureStorage.url to configure blob properties in the SAS token (#1071)

  • Fix regression where AZURE_CUSTOM_DOMAIN was interpreted as a replacement of rather than as a full domain (#1073, #1076)

1.12.1 (2021-10-11)


  • Change gzip compression to use a streaming implementation (#1061)

  • Fix saving files with S3ManifestStaticStorage (#1068, #1069)

1.12 (2021-10-06)



  • Convert signing keys to bytes if necessary (#1003)

  • Avoid a ListParts API call during multipart upload (#1041)

  • Custom domains now use passed URL params (#1054)

  • Allow the use of AWS profiles and clarify the options for passing credentials (fbe9538)

  • Re-allow override of various access key names (#1026)

  • Properly exclude empty folders during listdir (66f4f8e)

  • Support saving file objects that are not seekable (#860, #1057)

  • Return True for .exists() if a non-404 error is encountered (#938)


  • Breaking: This backend has been rewritten to use the newer versions of azure-storage-blob, which now has a minimum required version of 12.0. The settings AZURE_EMULATED_MODE, AZURE_ENDPOINT_SUFFIX, and AZURE_CUSTOM_CONNECTION_STRING are now ignored. (#784, #805)

  • Add support for user delegation keys (#1063)

Google Cloud

  • Breaking: The minimum required version of google-cloud-storage is now 1.27.0 (#994)

  • Breaking: Switch URL signing version from v2 to v4 (#994)

  • Deprecated: Support for GS_CACHE_CONTROL will be removed in 1.13. Please set the cache_control parameter of GS_OBJECT_PARAMETERS instead. (#970)

  • Add GS_OBJECT_PARAMETERS and overridable GoogleCloudStorage.get_object_parameters to customize blob parameters for all blobs and per-blob respectively. (#970)

  • Catch the NotFound exception raised when deleting a non-existent blob, this matches Django and other backends (#998, #999)

  • Fix signing URLs with custom endpoints (#994)


  • Validate write_mode param (#1020)

1.11.1 (2020-12-23)


  • Revert fix for ValueError: I/O operation on closed file when calling collectstatic and introduce S3StaticStorage and S3ManifestStaticStorage for use as STATICFILES_STORAGE targets (#968)

1.11 (2020-12-16)


  • Test against Python 3.9 (#964)


  • Fix ValueError: I/O operation on closed file when calling collectstatic (#382, #955)

  • Calculate S3Boto3StorageFile.buffer_size (via setting AWS_S3_FILE_BUFFER_SIZE) at run-time rather than import-time. (#930)

  • Fix writing bytearray content (#958, #965)

Google Cloud

  • Add setting GS_QUERYSTRING_AUTH to avoid signing URLs. This is useful for buckets with a policy of Uniform public read (#952)


  • Add AZURE_OBJECT_PARAMETERS and overridable AzureStorage.get_object_parameters to customize ContentSettings parameters for all keys and per-key respectively. (#898)

1.10.1 (2020-09-13)


  • Restore AWS_DEFAULT_ACL handling. This setting is ignored if ACL is set in AWS_S3_OBJECT_PARAMETERS (#934)


  • Fix using SFTP_STORAGE_HOST (#926)

1.10 (2020-08-30)


  • Breaking: Removed support for end-of-life Python 2.7 and 3.4 (#709)

  • Breaking: Removed support for end-of-life Django 1.11 (#891)

  • Add support for Django 3.1 (#916)

  • Introduce a new BaseStorage class with a get_default_settings method and use it in S3Boto3Storage, AzureStorage, GoogleCloudStorage, and SFTPStorage. These backends now calculate their settings when instantiated, not imported. (#524, #852)


  • Breaking: Automatic bucket creation has been removed. Doing so encourages using overly broad credentials. As a result, support for the corresponding AWS_BUCKET_ACL and AWS_AUTO_CREATE_BUCKET settings have been removed. (#636)

  • Breaking: Support for the undocumented setting AWS_PRELOAD_METADATA has been removed (#636)

  • Breaking: The constructor kwarg acl is no longer accepted. Instead, use the ACL key in setting AWS_S3_OBJECT_PARAMETERS (#636)

  • Breaking: The constructor kwarg bucket is no longer accepted. Instead, use bucket_name or the AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME setting (#636)

  • Breaking: Support for setting AWS_REDUCED_REDUNDANCY has been removed. Replace with StorageClass=REDUCED_REDUNDANCY in AWS_S3_OBJECT_PARAMETERS (#636)

  • Breaking: Support for setting AWS_S3_ENCRYPTION has been removed. Replace with ServerSideEncryption=AES256 in AWS_S3_OBJECT_PARAMETERS (#636)

  • Breaking: Support for setting AWS_DEFAULT_ACL has been removed. Replace with ACL in AWS_S3_OBJECT_PARAMETERS (#636)

  • Add http_method parameter to .url method (#854)

  • Add support for signing Cloudfront URLs to the .url method. You must set AWS_CLOUDFRONT_KEY, AWS_CLOUDFRONT_KEY_ID and install either cryptography or rsa (#456, #587). See the docs for more info. URLs will only be signed if AWS_QUERYSTRING_AUTH is set to True (#885)

Google Cloud

  • Breaking: Automatic bucket creation has been removed. Doing so encourages using overly broad credentials. As a result, support for the corresponding GS_AUTO_CREATE_BUCKET and GS_AUTO_CREATE_ACL settings have been removed. (#894)


  • Add DROPBOX_WRITE_MODE setting to control e.g. overwriting behavior. Check the docs for more info (#873, #138)


  • Remove exception swallowing during ssh connection (#835, #838)


  • Add FTP_STORAGE_ENCODING setting to set the filesystem encoding (#803)

  • Support multiple nested paths for files (#886)

1.9.1 (2020-02-03)


  • Fix reading files with S3Boto3StorageFile (#831, #833)

1.9 (2020-02-02)


  • Breaking: The long deprecated S3 backend based on boto has been removed. (#825)

  • Test against and support Python 3.8 (#810)


  • Deprecated: Automatic bucket creation will be removed in version 1.10 (#826)

  • Deprecated: The undocumented AWS_PRELOAD_METADATA and associated functionality will be removed in version 1.10 (#829)

  • Deprecated: Support for AWS_REDUCED_REDUNDANCY will be removed in version 1.10 Replace with StorageClass=REDUCED_REDUNDANCY in AWS_S3_OBJECT_PARAMETERS (#829)

  • Deprecated: Support for AWS_S3_ENCRYPTION will be removed in version 1.10 (#829) Replace with ServerSideEncryption=AES256 in AWS_S3_OBJECT_PARAMETERS

  • A custom ContentEncoding is no longer overwritten automatically (note that specifying one will disable automatic gzip) (#391, #828).

  • Add S3Boto3Storage.get_object_parameters, an overridable method for customizing upload parameters on a per-object basis (#819, #828)

  • Opening and closing a file in w mode without writing anything will now create an empty file in S3, this mimics the builtin open and Django’s own FileSystemStorage (#435, #816)

  • Fix reading a file in text mode (#404, #827)

Google Cloud

  • Deprecated: Automatic bucket creation will be removed in version 1.10 (#826)


  • Fix crash on DropBoxStorage.listdir (#762)

  • Settings can now additionally be specified at the class level to ease subclassing (#745)


  • Add support for Backblaze B2 to LibCloudStorage.url (#807)


  • Fix creating multiple intermediary directories on Windows (#823, #824)

1.8 (2019-11-20)


  • Add support for Django 3.0 (#759)

  • Update license identifier to unambiguous BSD-3-Clause


  • Include error message raised when missing library is imported (#776, #793)


  • Breaking The minimum supported version of google-cloud-storage is now 1.15.0 which enables…

  • Add setting GS_CUSTOM_ENDPOINT to allow usage of custom domains (#775, #648)


  • Fix extra installation by pinning version to < 12 (#785)

  • Add support for setting AZURE_CACHE_CONTROL header (#780, #674)

1.7.2 (2019-09-10)


  • Avoid misleading AWS_DEFAULT_ACL warning for insecure default_acl when overridden as a class variable (#591)

  • Propagate file deletion to cache when preload_metadata is True, (not the default) (#743, #749)

  • Fix exception raised on closed file (common if using ManifestFilesMixin or collectstatic. (#382, #754)


  • Pare down the required packages in extra_requires when installing the azure extra to only azure-storage-blob (#680, #684)

  • Fix compatibility with generate_blob_shared_access_signature updated signature (#705, #723)

  • Fetching a file now uses the configured timeout rather than hardcoding one (#727)

  • Add support for configuring all blobservice options: AZURE_ENDPOINT_SUFFIX, AZURE_CUSTOM_DOMAIN, AZURE_CONNECTION_STRING, AZURE_TOKEN_CREDENTIAL. See the docs for more info. Huge thanks once again to @nitely. (#750)

  • Fix filename handling to not strip special characters (#609, #752)

Google Cloud

  • Set the file acl in the same call that uploads it (#698)

  • Reduce the number of queries and required permissions when GS_AUTO_CREATE_BUCKET is False (the default) (#412, #718)

  • Set the predefined_acl when creating a GoogleCloudFile using .write (#640, #756)

  • Add GS_BLOB_CHUNK_SIZE setting to enable efficient uploading of large files (#757)


  • Complete migration to v2 api with file fetching and metadata fixes (#724)

  • Add DROPBOX_TIMEOUT to configure client timeout defaulting to 100 seconds to match the underlying sdk. (#419, #747)


  • Fix reopening a file (#746)

1.7.1 (2018-09-06)

  • Fix off-by-1 error in get_available_name whenever file_overwrite or overwrite_files is True (#588, #589)

  • Change S3Boto3Storage.listdir() to use list_objects instead of list_objects_v2 to restore compatibility with services implementing the S3 protocol that do not yet support the new method (#586, #590)

1.7 (2018-09-03)


  • The S3BotoStorage and S3Boto3Storage backends have an insecure default ACL of public-read. It is recommended that all current users audit their bucket permissions. Support has been added for setting AWS_DEFAULT_ACL = None and AWS_BUCKET_ACL = None which causes all created files to inherit the bucket’s ACL (and created buckets to inherit the Amazon account’s default ACL). This will become the default in version 1.10 (for S3Boto3Storage only since S3BotoStorage will be removed in version 1.9, see below). Additionally, a warning is now raised if AWS_DEFAULT_ACL or AWS_BUCKET_ACL is not explicitly set. (#381, #535, #579)


  • The AzureStorage backend and documentation has been completely rewritten. It now depends on azure and azure-storage-blob and is vastly improved. Big thanks to @nitely and all other contributors along the way (#565)

  • The .url() method of GoogleCloudStorage has been completely reworked. Many use cases should require no changes and will experience a massive speedup. The .url() method no longer hits the network for public urls and generates signed urls (with a default of 1-day expiration, configurable via GS_EXPIRATION) for non-public buckets. Check out the docs for more information. (#570)

  • Various backends will now raise ImproperlyConfigured at runtime if their location (GS_LOCATION, AWS_LOCATION) begins with a leading / rather than silently stripping it. Verify yours does not. (#520)

  • The long deprecated GSBotoStorage backend is removed. (#518)


  • The insecure default of public-read for AWS_DEFAULT_ACL and AWS_BUCKET_ACL in S3Boto3Storage will change to inherit the bucket’s setting in version 1.10 (#579)

  • The legacy S3BotoBackend is deprecated and will be removed in version 1.9. It is strongly recommended to move to the S3Boto3Storage backend for performance, stability and bugfix reasons. See the boto migration docs for step-by-step guidelines. (#578, #584)

  • The long aliased arguments to S3Boto3Storage of acl and bucket are deprecated in favor of bucket_name and default_acl (#516)

  • The minimum required version of boto3 will be increasing to 1.4.4 in the next major version of django-storages. (#583)


  • Add support for a file to inherit its bucket’s ACL by setting AWS_DEFAULT_ACL = None (#535)

  • Add GS_CACHE_CONTROL setting for GoogleCloudStorage backend (#411, #505)

  • Add documentation around using django-storages with Digital Ocean Spaces (#521)

  • Add support for Django 2.1 and Python 3.7 (#530)

  • Make S3Boto3Storage pickleable (#551)

  • Add automatic reconnection to SFTPStorage (#563, #564)

  • Unconditionally set the security token in the boto backends (b13efd)

  • Improve efficiency of .listdir on S3Boto3Storage (#352)

  • Add AWS_S3_VERIFY to support custom certificates and disabling certificate verification to S3Boto3Storage (#486, #580)

  • Add AWS_S3_PROXIES setting to S3Boto3Storage (#583)

  • Add a snazzy new logo. Big thanks to @reallinfo


  • Reset file read offset before passing to GoogleCloudStorage and AzureStorage (#481, #581, #582)

  • Fix various issues with multipart uploads in the S3 backends (#169, #160, #364, #449, #504, #506, #546)

  • Fix S3Boto3Storage to stream down large files (also disallow r+w mode) (#383, #548)

  • Fix SFTPStorageFile to align with the core File abstraction (#487, #568)

  • Catch IOError in SFTPStorage.delete (#568)

  • AzureStorage, GoogleCloudStorage, S3Boto3Storage and S3BotoStorage now respect max_length when file_overwrite = True (#513, #554)

  • The S3 backends now consistently use compresslevel=9 (the Python stdlib default) for gzipped content (#572, #576)

  • Improve error message of S3Boto3Storage during an unexpected exception when automatically creating a bucket (#574, #577)

1.6.6 (2018-03-26)

  • You can now specify the backend you are using to install the necessary dependencies using extra_requires. For example pip install django-storages[boto3] (#417)

  • Add additional content-type detection fallbacks (#406, #407)

  • Add GS_LOCATION setting to specify subdirectory for GoogleCloudStorage (#355)

  • Add support for uploading large files to DropBoxStorage, fix saving files (#379, #378, #301)

  • Drop support for Django 1.8 and Django 1.10 (and hence Python 3.3) (#438)

  • Implement get_created_time for GoogleCloudStorage (#464)

1.6.5 (2017-08-01)

  • Fix Django 1.11 regression with gzipped content being saved twice resulting in empty files (#367, #371, #373)

  • Fix the mtime when gzipping content on S3Boto3Storage (#374)

1.6.4 (2017-07-27)

  • Files uploaded with GoogleCloudStorage will now set their appropriate mimetype (#320)

  • Fix DropBoxStorage.url to work. (#357)

  • Fix S3Boto3Storage when AWS_PRELOAD_METADATA = True (#366)

  • Fix S3Boto3Storage uploading file-like objects without names (#195, #368)

  • S3Boto3Storage is now threadsafe - a separate session is created on a per-thread basis (#268, #358)

1.6.3 (2017-06-23)

  • Revert default AWS_S3_SIGNATURE_VERSION to V2 to restore backwards compatibility in S3Boto3. It’s recommended that all new projects set this to be 's3v4'. (#344)

1.6.2 (2017-06-22)

  • Fix regression in safe_join() to handle a trailing slash in an intermediate path. (#341)

  • Fix regression in gs.GSBotoStorage getting an unexpected kwarg. (#342)

1.6.1 (2017-06-22)

  • Drop support for Django 1.9 (e89db45)

  • Fix regression in safe_join() to allow joining a base path with an empty string. (#336)

1.6 (2017-06-21)

  • Breaking: Remove backends deprecated in v1.5.1 (#280)

  • Breaking: DropBoxStorage has been upgrade to support v2 of the API, v1 will be shut off at the end of the month - upgrading is recommended (#273)

  • Breaking: The SFTPStorage backend now checks for the existence of the fallback ~/.ssh/known_hosts before attempting to load it. If you had previously been passing in a path to a non-existent file it will no longer attempt to load the fallback. (#118, #325)

  • Breaking: The default version value for AWS_S3_SIGNATURE_VERSION is now 's3v4'. No changes should be required (#335)

  • Deprecation: The undocumented gs.GSBotoStorage backend. See the new gcloud.GoogleCloudStorage or apache_libcloud.LibCloudStorage backends instead. (#236)

  • Add a new backend, gcloud.GoogleCloudStorage based on the google-cloud bindings. (#236)

  • Pass in the location constraint when auto creating a bucket in S3Boto3Storage (#257, #258)

  • Add support for reading AWS_SESSION_TOKEN and AWS_SECURITY_TOKEN from the environment to S3Boto3Storage and S3BotoStorage. (#283)

  • Fix Boto3 non-ascii filenames on Python 2.7 (#216, #217)

  • Fix collectstatic timezone handling in and add get_modified_time to S3BotoStorage (#290)

  • Add support for Django 1.11 (#295)

  • Add project keyword support to GCS in LibCloudStorage backend (#269)

  • Files that have a guessable encoding (e.g. gzip or compress) will be uploaded with that Content-Encoding in the s3boto3 backend (#263, #264)

  • The Dropbox backend now properly translates backslashes in Windows paths into forward slashes (e52a127)

  • The S3 backends now permit colons in the keys (#248, #322)

1.5.2 (2017-01-13)

  • Actually use SFTP_STORAGE_HOST in SFTPStorage backend (#204)

  • Fix S3Boto3Storage to avoid race conditions in a multi-threaded WSGI environment (#238)

  • Fix trying to localize a naive datetime when settings.USE_TZ is False in S3Boto3Storage.modified_time. (#235, #234)

  • Fix automatic bucket creation in S3Boto3Storage when AWS_AUTO_CREATE_BUCKET is True (#196)

  • Improve the documentation for the S3 backends

1.5.1 (2016-09-13)

  • Breaking: Drop support for Django 1.7 (#185)

  • Deprecation: hashpath, image, overwrite, mogile, symlinkorcopy, database, mogile, couchdb. See (#202) to discuss maintenance going forward

  • Use a fixed mtime argument for GzipFile in S3BotoStorage and S3Boto3Storage to ensure a stable output for gzipped files

  • Use .putfileobj instead of .put in S3Boto3Storage to use the transfer manager, allowing files greater than 5GB to be put on S3 (#194 , #201)

  • Update S3Boto3Storage for Django 1.10 (#181) (get_modified_time and get_accessed_time)

  • Fix bad kwarg name in S3Boto3Storage when AWS_PRELOAD_METADATA is True (#189, #190)

1.5.0 (2016-08-02)

  • Add new backend S3Boto3Storage (#179)

  • Add a strict option to utils.setting (#176)

  • Tests, documentation, fixing .close for SFTPStorage (#177)

  • Tests, documentation, add .readlines for FTPStorage (#175)

  • Tests and documentation for DropBoxStorage (#174)

  • Fix to not ship .pyc files. (#145)

  • Enable CI testing of Python 3.5 and fix test failure from api change (#171)

1.4.1 (2016-04-07)

  • Files that have a guessable encoding (e.g. gzip or compress) will be uploaded with that Content-Encoding in the s3boto backend. Compressable types such as application/javascript will still be gzipped. PR #122

  • Fix DropBoxStorage.exists check and add DropBoxStorage.url (#127)

  • Add GS_HOST setting (with a default of GSConnection.DefaultHost) to fix GSBotoStorage. (#124, #125)

1.4 (2016-02-07)

  • This package is now released on PyPI as django-storages. Please update your requirements files to django-storages==1.4.

1.3.2 (2016-01-26)

  • Fix memory leak from not closing underlying temp file in s3boto backend (#106)

  • Allow easily specifying a custom expiry time when generating a url for S3BotoStorage (#96)

  • Check for bucket existence when the empty path (‘’) is passed to storage.exists in S3BotoStorage - this prevents a crash when running collectstatic -c on Django 1.9.1 (#112) fixed in #116

1.3.1 (2016-01-12)

  • A few Azure Storage fixes [pass the content-type to Azure, handle chunked content, fix url] (#45)

  • Add support for a Dropbox (dropbox) storage backend

  • Various fixes to the apache_libcloud backend [return the number of bytes asked for by .read, make .name non-private, don’t initialize to an empty BytesIO object] (#55)

  • Fix multi-part uploads in s3boto backend not respecting AWS_S3_ENCRYPTION (#94)

  • Automatically gzip svg files (#100)

1.3 (2015-08-14)

  • Breaking: Drop Support for Django 1.5 and Python 2.6

  • Breaking: Remove previously deprecated mongodb backend

  • Breaking: Remove previously deprecated parse_ts_extended from s3boto storage

  • Add support for Django 1.8+ (#36)

  • Add AWS_S3_PROXY_HOST and AWS_S3_PROXY_PORT settings for s3boto backend (#41)

  • Fix Python3K compat issue in apache_libcloud (#52)

  • Fix Google Storage backend not respecting GS_IS_GZIPPED setting (#51, #60)

  • Rename FTP _name attribute to name which is what the Django File api is expecting (#70)

  • Put StorageMixin first in inheritance to maintain backwards compat with older versions of Django (#63)

1.2.3 (2015-03-14)

  • Variety of FTP backend fixes (fix exists, add modified_time, remove call to non-existent function) (#26)

  • Apparently the year changed to 2015

1.2.2 (2015-01-28)

  • Remove always show all warnings filter (#21)

  • Release package as a wheel

  • Avoid resource warning during install (#20)

  • Made S3BotoStorage deconstructible (previously only S3BotoStorageFile was deconstructible) (#19)

1.2.1 (2014-12-31)

  • Deprecation: Issue warning about parse_ts_extended

  • Deprecation: mongodb backend - django-mongodb-engine now ships its own storage backend

  • Fix storage.modified_time crashing on new files when AWS_PRELOAD_METADATA=True (#11, #12, #14)

1.2 (2014-12-14)

  • Breaking: Remove legacy S3 storage (#1)

  • Breaking: Remove mosso files backend (#2)

  • Add text/javascript mimetype to S3BotoStorage gzip allowed defaults

  • Add support for Django 1.7 migrations in S3BotoStorage and ApacheLibCloudStorage (#5, #8)

  • Python3K (3.3+) now available for S3Boto backend (#4)

NOTE: Version 1.1.9 is the first release of django-storages after the fork. It represents the current (2014-12-08) state of the original django-storages in master with no additional changes. This is the first release of the code base since March 2013.

1.1.9 (2014-12-08)

  • Fix syntax for Python3 with pull-request #91

  • Support pushing content type from File object to GridFS with pull-request #90

  • Support passing a region to the libcloud driver with pull-request #86

  • Handle trailing slash paths fixes #188 fixed by pull-request #85

  • Use a SpooledTemporaryFile to conserve memory in S3BotoFile pull-request #69

  • Guess content-type for S3BotoStorageFile the same way that _save() in S3BotoStorage does

  • Pass headers and response_headers through from url to generate_url in S3BotoStorage pull-request #65

  • Added AWS_S3_HOST, AWS_S3_PORT and AWS_S3_USE_SSL settings to specify host, port and is_secure in pull-request #66

Everything Below Here Was Previously Released on PyPI under django-storages

1.1.8 (2013-03-31)

  • Fixes #156 regarding date parsing, ValueError when running collectstatic

  • Proper handling of boto dev version parsing

  • Made SFTP URLs accessible, now uses settings.MEDIA_URL instead of sftp://

1.1.7 (2013-03-20)

  • Listing of huge buckets on S3 is now prevented by using the prefix argument to boto’s list() method

  • Initial support for Windows Azure Storage

  • Switched to useing boto’s parse_ts date parser getting last modified info when using S3boto backend

  • Fixed key handling in S3boto and Google Storage backends

  • Account for lack of multipart upload in Google Storage backend

  • Fixed seek() issue when using AWS_IS_GZIPPED by darkness51 with pull-request #50

  • Improvements to S3BotoStorage and GSBotoStorage

1.1.6 (2013-01-06)

  • Merged many changes from Jannis Leidel (mostly regarding gzipping)

  • Fixed tests by Ian Lewis

  • Added support for Google Cloud Storage backend by Jannis Leidel

  • Updated license file by Dan Loewenherz, fixes #133 with pull-request #44

  • Set Content-Type header for use in upload_part_from_file by Gerardo Curiel

  • Pass the rewind parameter to Boto’s set_contents_from_file method by Jannis Leidel with pull-request #45

  • Fix for FTPStorageFile close() method by Mathieu Comandon with pull-request #43

  • Minor refactoring by Oktay Sancak with pull-request #48

  • Ungzip on download based on Content-Encoding by Gavin Wahl with pull-request #46

  • Add support for S3 server-side encryption by Tobias McNulty with pull-request #17

  • Add an optional setting to the boto storage to produce protocol-relative URLs, fixes #105

1.1.5 (2012-07-18)

  • Merged pull request #36 from freakboy3742 Keith-Magee, improvements to Apache Libcloud backend and docs

  • Merged pull request #35 from atodorov, allows more granular S3 access settings

  • Add support for SSL in Rackspace Cloudfiles backend

  • Fixed the listdir() method in s3boto backend, fixes #57

  • Added base url tests for safe_join in s3boto backend

  • Merged pull request #20 from alanjds, fixed SuspiciousOperation warning if AWS_LOCATION ends with ‘/’

  • Added FILE_BUFFER_SIZE setting to s3boto backend

  • Merged pull request #30 from pendletongp, resolves #108, #109 and #110

  • Updated the modified_time() method so that it doesn’t require dateutil. fixes #111

  • Merged pull request #16 from chamal, adds Apache Libcloud backend

  • When preloading the S3 metadata make sure we reset the files key during saving to prevent stale metadata

  • Merged pull request #24 from tobias.mcnulty, fixes bug where s3boto backend returns modified_time in wrong time zone

  • Fixed HashPathStorage.location to no longer use settings.MEDIA_ROOT

  • Remove download_url from setup file so PyPI dist is used

1.1.4 (2012-01-06)

  • Added PendingDeprecationWarning for mosso backend

  • Merged pull request #13 from marcoala, adds SFTP_KNOWN_HOST_FILE setting to SFTP storage backend

  • Merged pull request #12 from ryankask, fixes HashPathStorage tests that delete remote media

  • Merged pull request #10 from key, adds support for django-mongodb-engine 0.4.0 or later, fixes GridFS file deletion bug

  • Fixed S3BotoStorage performance problem calling modified_time()

  • Added deprecation warning for s3 backend, refs #40

  • Fixed CLOUDFILES_CONNECTION_KWARGS import error, fixes #78

  • Switched to sphinx documentation, set official docs up on

  • HashPathStorage uses self.exists now, fixes #83

1.1.3 (2011-08-15)

  • Created this lovely change log

  • Fixed #89: broken StringIO import in CloudFiles backend

  • Merged pull request #5: HashPathStorage path bug

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