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Date and time dependend content manipulation

Project description

Date and time dependent content manipulation.

Quick start

  1. Install using pip:

    pip install django-time-wizard
  2. Make sure to follow the installation steps for django-polymorphic

  3. Add to your INSTALLED_APPS:

  4. Include the time_wizard admin URLs in your project

    path('admin/', include('time_wizard.urls')),
  5. Run python migrate to create the time_wizard models.


Upgrading from version 0.2.0 to 1.0.0 will delete all the created models of time_wizard!


You can use the TimeWizard in different ways:

  • use a ForeignKey-relation

    • use one TimeWizardModel-definition for as much models as you want

    • affects your database as the relation needs a new model field

    • example:

      from time_wizard.mixins import TimeWizardMixin
      class MyModel(TimeWizardMixin, models.Model):
  • use the PeriodModelInline in the admin

    • each model of yours can have different time-settings

    • does not affect your database as it works with a generic relationship

    • example:

      from time_wizard.mixins import TimeWizardInlineMixin
      class MyModel(TimeWizardInlineMixin, models.Model):
      from time_wizard.admin import PeriodModelInline
      from polymorphic.admin import PolymorphicInlineSupportMixin
      class MyModelAdmin(PolymorphicInlineSupportMixin, admin.ModelAdmin):
          inlines = [PeriodModelInline]
  • in both ways use is_published on your model to indicate if the content is shown or not.

  • create a custom PeriodModel as a base for custom AbsoluteRange- and HolidayRange-models. There are abstract base classes defined in models/ This means you could for example create classes without a generic relation, as PeriodModel itself has.


Django-time-wizard uses the defined countries and provinces/states from holidays. Definitions need to be compatible with holidays. You can also define this yourself for your needs:



  • django

  • django-polymorphic

  • holidays


Setup your test environment with virtualenv and install the requirements with pip install .. Also install tox via pip and simply run tox.

Tests can also be run via devtools/run-tests. This requires an environment where docker and docker-compose are installed.

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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