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A Django app to have editable key-value namespaced settings.

Project description

# django-variable-settings

A simple django application to manage dynamic settings saved in database using namespaced keys and json string values.

## Demo

To try it now, download this repo and use docker-compose to run it

git clone
cd django-variable-settings
docker-compose up

Then go to http://localhost:8080/admin and login with user `admin` and password `admin`, you should see the Settings. If you add a settings, it should be a json object. So a string should be saved with double quotes around it.

It can be tested from django shell also easily. Go to another console while `docker-compose up` is running and type

docker-compose exec django ./ shell
>>> import variable_settings
>>> variable_settings.set('evergreenstreet', 123)
>>> variable_settings.set('address.evergreenstreet', 123)
>>> variable_settings.set('address.evergreenavenue', 'first')
>>> variable_settings.get('evergreenstreet')
>>> variable_settings.get('address.evergreenavenue')
>>> variable_settings.get('address.*')
{u'address.evergreenavenue': u'first', u'address.evergreenstreet': 123}
>>> variable_settings.all()
{u'address.evergreenavenue': u'first', u'evergreenstreet': 123, u'address.evergreenstreet': 123}

## Installation

pip install django-variable-settings

In add


Then run migrations migrate variable_settings

Then use it as in the Demo

## Settings and custom command

If you want to add some default settings to the database then you can add something like this to ``

# default django_variable_settings
# use ./ variable_settings_initialize
# If overwrite=False(default) they are not applied if already exist in database
#[ key , value (, overwrite) ]
['alerting.connection', '', False],
['alerting.warning', 123, False],
['wrong_permissions.enabled', True, True],

Use custom command `./ variable_settings_initialize` to save those in database. The command only overwrites the variable value if the last parameter is set to true

## Caching


# Authors

- Julian Perelli
- Maxi Padulo



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