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docker-image-size-limit Build status codecov Python Version wemake-python-styleguide

Limit your docker image size with a simple CLI command. Perfect to be used inside your CI process.

Read the announcing post.


pip install docker-image-size-limit

Or use our Github Action or pre-built docker image.


We support just a single command:

$ disl your-image-name:label 300MiB
your-image-name:label exceeds 300MiB limit by 114.4 MiB


You can specify your image as:

  • Image name: python
  • Image name with tag: python:3.6.6-alpine

You can specify your size as:

  • Raw number of bytes: 1024
  • Human-readable megabytes: 30 MB or 30 MiB
  • Human-readable gigabytes: 1 GB or 1 GiB
  • Any other size supported by humanfriendly

Programmatic usage

You can also import and use this library as python code:

from docker import from_env
from docker_image_size_limit import check_image_size

oversize = check_image_size(from_env(), 'image-name:latest', '1 GiB')
assert oversize < 0, 'Too big image!'  # negative oversize - is a good thing!

We also ship PEP-561 compatible type annotations with this library.

Github Action

You can also use this check as a Gihub Action:

- uses: wemake-services/docker-image-size-limit@master
    image: "$YOUR_IMAGE_NAME"
    size: "$YOUR_SIZE_LIMIT"

Here's an example.

Docker Image

We have a pre-built image available.

First, pull our pre-built docker image:

docker pull wemakeservices/docker-image-size-limit

Then you can use it like so:

docker run -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --rm \

Should I use it?

You can use this script instead:

LIMIT=1024  # adjust at your will

SIZE="$(docker image inspect "$IMAGE" --format='{{.Size}}')"
test "$SIZE" -gt "$LIMIT" && echo 'Limit exceeded'; exit 1 || echo 'Ok!'

But I prefer to reuse tools over custom bash scripts here and there.



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