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`ds` is a development utility for managing snapshots inside a docker container.

Project description

ds - docker snapshot

ds is a development utility for managing snapshots inside a docker container.

Personally I use it to quickly save the state of my development database, try out something that mutates the state - a data migration or user interaction - and return to the initial state. Often repeatedly, because trial and error is essential. You can probably use it on any sort of stored data, probably.

Note: This repository is still a work in progress.


# Note: excutable will be called `ds`
pip install docker-snapshot

Shell completion:

# For Bash, add this to ~/.bashrc:
eval "$(_DS_COMPLETE=source_bash ds)"

# For Zsh, add this to ~/.zshrc:
eval "$(_DS_COMPLETE=source_zsh ds)"


Create a snapshot

ds create name-goes-here
# or auto-generate a name
ds create 

Restore a snapshot

ds restore name-goes-here
# or restore the latest snapshot
ds restore

List snapshots

ds ls

Delete snapshots

ds delete name-goes-here

Example project setup

In this example we use ds to create and restore database snapshots in our development environment. The projects docker-compose.yml file could look something like this:

version: "3.8"
    container_name: db
    restart: always
    image: postgres:13
    env_file: .env
      - 5432:5432
      - db-volume:/var/lib/postgresql/data
  1. Browse to your project root
cd code/your-awesome-project
  1. Create ds.yaml template file
ds init
  1. Edit your ds.yaml
# The target container
container_name: "db"

# The directory inside said container that you want to snapshot
directory: "/var/lib/postgresql/data"

# Identifier to separate projects, this allows you:
# - To have multiple projects with the same container name
# - To have multiple setups (ie. docker-compose / kind) for the same project
namespace: "your-awesome-project"

Project details

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