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API reference documentation generator for FreeType.

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FreeType Docwriter

Docwriter is an API documentation generator for the FreeType Library that extracts and builds Markdown docs from the FreeType header files.


Run pip install docwriter (see (4) below for an automated virtualenv usage). It requires Python >= 3.5 to run.

Steps to Generate Docs

  1. Ensure docwriter is installed using pip.

  2. Clone the freetype repository from here.

  3. The FreeType build system can be used to generate the docs:

    make refdoc
  4. Alternatively, step 1 and the make target can be replaced with make refdoc-venv. This installs all requirements automatically in a separate virtual environment. More information on virtualenv usage can be found here.

Development Usage

  1. Clone this repository.

  2. Clone the freetype repository from here.

  3. Run pip install -r requirements.txt in your environment (virtualenv recommended).

  4. Copy the include/ directory from freetype to docwriter.

  5. Run in the docwriter directory:

    python -m docwriter                      \
            --prefix=ft2                     \
            --title=FreeType-2.13.1          \
            --site=reference                 \
            --output=./docs                  \
            ./include/freetype/*.h           \
            ./include/freetype/config/*.h    \
  6. The markdown files are generated in docs/markdown/. Static site can be built by running mkdocs build in docs/. Read more about Mkdocs here.

Usage Information

docwriter [-h] [-t T] -o DIR [-p PRE] [-s DIR] [-q | -v] files [files ...]

DocWriter Usage information

positional arguments:
  files                 list of source files to parse, wildcards are allowed

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t T, --title T       set project title, as in '-t "My Project"'
  -o DIR, --output DIR  set output directory, as in '-o mydir'
  -p PRE, --prefix PRE  set documentation prefix, as in '-p ft2'
  -s DIR, --site DIR    set 'site_dir' in mkdocs.yml [default=site]
  -q, --quiet           run quietly, show only errors
  -v, --verbose         increase output verbosity

Running Tests

To test on all supported Python versions:

  1. Make sure tox is installed:

    pip install tox
  2. Ensure that all Python versions that you need to run the tests on are installed.

  3. Run tests:


To run specifc tests, use the -e argument. For example,

tox -e py37,py38

will run tests only on Python 3.7 and 3.8 (assuming they are installed). See tox.ini for all available environments.

More information on running specific tox environments can be found here.

Regression Tests

Regression tests require internet access, git, and other FreeType build dependencies, and are time-consuming. These tests are largely meant to run on Gitlab CI, but can also be run locally:

tox -e regression


This library is licensed under the FreeType License.


This library was originally written by David Turner as docmaker which collected and presented documentation in HTML. It has since been modified multiple times, including a major refactor to allow multiple output formats. The current docwriter is the biggest rewrite, with lots of changes and additions that allow it to be more flexible, readable, maintainable and usable.

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