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Sphinx docx builder extension

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Docxbuilder is a Sphinx extension to build docx formatted documents.



2.7, 3.5 or latter


1.7.6 or later


Use pip:

pip install docxbuilder


Add ‘docxbuilder’ to extensions configuration of

extensions = ['docxbuilder']

and build your documents:

make docx

You can control the generated document by adding configurations into

docx_documents = [
    ('index', 'docxbuilder.docx', {
         'title': project,
         'creator': author,
         'subject': 'A manual of docxbuilder',
     }, True),
docx_style = 'path/to/custom_style.docx'
docx_pagebreak_before_section = 1

For more details, see the documentation.

Style file

Generated docx file’s design is customized by a style file (The default style is docxbuilder/docx/style.docx). The style file is a docx file, which defines some paragraph, character, and table styles.

The below lists shows typical styles.

Character styles:

  • Emphasis

  • Strong

  • Literal

  • Hyperlink

  • Footnote Reference

Paragraph styles:

  • Body Text

  • Footnote Text

  • Definition Term

  • Literal Block

  • Image Caption, Table Caution, Literal Caption

  • Heading 1, Heading 2, …, Heading N

  • TOC Heading

  • toc 1, toc 2, …, toc N

  • List Bullet

  • List Number

Table styles:

  • Table

  • Field List

  • Admonition Note


  • Support math role and directive.

  • Support tabular_col_spec directive.

  • Support URL path for images.


MIT Licence

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