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A tool to build/help deploy docker containers. Make for docker.

Project description


Docker Container Builder

`dobuild` builds your project's containers specified by a compose-like yaml file.
`dotempl` templates files (eg. Dockerfiles, docker-stack.yaml's) based on the environment.


git clone <this repo>
pipsi install ./dostack


- Build multiple containers with one command
- Control order of builds with inter-container dependencies
- Templating Dockerfiles, e.g. so that one container can FROM another without having to edit Dockerfile each build

Getting Started

Create a `dobuild.yaml` file in your project root, with a structure like this:

context: ./docker/pinger
dockerfile: ./docker/pinger/Dockerfile.t

context: .
dockerfile: ./docker/hello/Dockerfile.t

context: ./docker/hello2
dockerfile: ./docker/hello2/Dockerfile.t
- hello

This example defines three containers to be built, *pinger*, *hello* and *hello2*. Here we have declared that *hello2* depends on *hello*, so *hello* will always be built before *hello2*.

Now to build your containers, run


And watch it happen! `dobuild` runs `docker build` under the hood for you, so the output will be familiar.

If for example, you only want to a build specific container (and it's dependencies), you can use:

dobuild hello2

which will build *hello2* (and *hello* as it's a dependency), but not *pinger*.


`dobuild` templates your Dockerfiles using [moustache]( templates.

For example, the Dockerfile for *hello2* above:

FROM {{ containers.hello }}
RUN echo "Building {{ containers.hello2 }}"
ENTRYPOINT echo Hello, World, 2!

You can use `{{ containers.<name> }}` to refer to the uri of any container in the project in the current build. Other available tags:

- `{{ docker.registry }}` The docker registry added to container URIs, if defined.
- `{{ docker.prefix }}` The prefix added to container URIs, if defined.

Container URIs (Tags)

After building your containers, `dobuild` will tag them with meaningful names composed of a registry, prefix and the container name.

For example, running:

dobuild hello \
--registry \
--prefix owner/helloworld

Will build and tag the image with URI ``.

Pushing to a Registry

If you add the `--push` flag, and all containers built successfully, `dobuild` will push the containers to the specified registry.

Environment Variables

Options can also be specified in environment variables. Note that options on the command line override the environment.

DOBUILD_FILE=./dobuild.yaml # Path to dobuild.yaml # Docker registry
DOBUILD_PREFIX=owner/helloworld # Container URI prefix
DOBUILD_PUSH=True # Push containers after building

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