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Simple parser for Garmin/Polar TCX files

Project description

Requirement Updates Fedora package

python-tcxparser is a minimal parser for Garmin’s TCX file format. It is not in any way exhaustive.

Data extracted:
  • latitude & longitude of start point of workout

  • type of workout (running, walking, etc)

  • time of completion of workout (in ISO UTC)

  • distance of workout (in meters)

  • duration of workout (in seconds)

  • calories burned during workout (as estimated by device)

  • average, max and min heart rate during workout

  • average pace during workout

  • average altitude during workout

  • ascent and descent of workout

  • max and min altitude

  • time stamp of each data point (in ISO UTC)

  • average and max cadence (cycling activities)

  • percentage and time spent in heart rate zone

  • average and max power

  • total steps (also strokes)


Install it from PyPI:

pip install python-tcxparser


Basic usage example:

>>> import tcxparser
>>> tcx = tcxparser.TCXParser('/home/vinod/Downloads/20121226-212953.tcx')
>>> # Duration of workout in seconds
... tcx.duration
>>> # latitude/longitude at start of workout
... tcx.latitude
>>> tcx.longitude
>>> tcx.activity_type
>>> # ISO UTC timestamp when workout completed
... tcx.completed_at
>>> # distance of workout in meters
... tcx.distance
>>> tcx.distance_units
>>> # calories burned (as reported by device)
... tcx.calories
>>> # percentage of workout spent in each user-defined heart rate zone
... tcx.hr_percent_in_zones({"Z0": (0, 99), "Z1": (100, 129), "Z2": (130, 200)})
{"Z0": 14, "Z1": 36, "Z2": 50}



  • BSD

Maintainer Information

We use Github Actions to lint (using pre-commit, black, isort, and flake8), test (using tox and tox-gh-actions), and calculate coverage (using coverage).

We have a local script to do these actions locally, named

$ ./

A Github Action workflow also builds and pushes a new package to PyPI whenever a new Release is created in Github. This uses a project-specific PyPI token, as described in the PyPI documentation here. That token has been saved in the PYPI_PASSWORD settings for this repo, but has not been saved anywhere else so if it is needed for any reason, the current one should be deleted and a new one generated.

As always, be sure to bump the version in before creating a Release, so that the proper version gets pushed to PyPI.


Please contact me with any questions: Vinod Kurup (

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