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This repository contain all util

Project description


This repository contain all util.


Get at

pip install dpsutil

Change log:

Ver 1.0.0:

  • Compression -> DONE
  • KafkaWrapper -> DONE
  • RedisWrapper -> DONE
  • Vector -> DONE
  • Media -> DONE
  • Computer Vision -> DONE
  • Distance -> DONE
  • Hashing -> DONE

Ver 1.0.1:

  • Added image_info -> Get (format, width, height) of image without decoding.
  • Upgrade imdecode -> Auto decode image but need not provide encode_type.

Ver 1.0.2:

  • Change 'numpy.pool' to 'vector.pool'
  • Fix bugs

Ver 1.0.3:

  • Compression:
  • Support list compression: compress_list, decompres_list
  • Distance:
  • Change distance.function -> vector.distance

Ver 1.1.0:

  • Added AttrDict, FixedDict, FixedTypeDict

Ver 1.1.1-1.1.7:

  • Fix bugs
  • Added UniqueTypeDict
  • Fix bugs
  • Changed module fixdict -> defaultdict
  • Changed FixedDict -> DefaultDict
  • Changed FixedTypeDict -> DefaultTypeDict
  • Fix bugs of attrdict.AttrDict, attrdict.UniqueTypeDict, attrdict.DefaultDict
  • Fix bugs of compress_list, decompress_list

Ver 1.1.8:

  • Added Environment

Ver 1.1.9-1.1.18:

  • Added Environment.to_lower -> Useful when extracting to kwarg.
  • Fix bugs attrdict
  • Changed hashfunc default from sha1 -> md5
  • Support call of DefaultDict, which update data from buffer.
  • Fix bugs Environment

Ver 1.1.19:

  • Added pre-define output array of decompress_ndarray
  • Support add new key environment.

Ver 1.1.20-1.1.21:

  • Edit logger
  • Fix bugs vector.pool
  • Changed VectorPool base on numpy.mmap -> VectorPoolMMap
  • Added VectorPool base on numpy.ndarray
  • Restructure VectorPoolBase -> Speed up, fix bugs
  • Added VectorPoolBase.insert

Ver 1.1.22:

  • Add document of compression, media module.
  • Fix bugs image
  • Change media.image.scale -> media.image.zoom

Ver 1.1.23-24:

  • Fix bugs log
  • Fix bugs VectorPoolMMap.MIN_SIZE

Ver 1.1.25-26:

  • Fix bugs attrdict
  • Added add, remove method attrdict
  • Rename variable of pool.VectorPoolBase

Ver 1.1.27:

  • Change namespace attrdict.UniqueTypeDict -> attrdict.TypedDict
  • Restructure attdict.AttrDict, attdict.DefaultDict, attrdict.TypedDict
  • Support annotations alias
  • Speed up attrdict
  • Support initial attrdict with iterable, generator.
  • Support to_buffer method with optimize compression.
  • Support recreate dict with from_buffer.
  • Lightweight than pickle.dumps

Ver 1.2.0:

  • CV:
    • Added Face Aligner
    • Transforms image methods
  • media.image:
    • Added scale, crop_center, flip
    • Fix bugs
  • support FPS report.
  • triangle (new)

Ver 1.3.0:

  • Support decorator attrdict
  • Support decorator environment
  • Implemented Confluent-Kafka with:
    • Iterator method
    • Close event.
    • Auto_commit
    • Optimize configs for ThroughOut
    • Fix bug KafkaError



Compression Lossless:

  • Support type: ndnumpy, bytes
  • Compress by blosc. It support multi compressor and multi-thread.


  • Wrapping Consumer and Producer with default setting and security.


  • Wrapping Redis Connector with default setting and security.

Vector Pool:

VectorPoolBase handle numpy.ndarray that save a lot of RAM by re-use existed memory space.

Easier than numpy.ndarray. Likely list.

  • Reduce RAM
  • High Speed IO
  • Auto Scale
  • Support backup and recovery data in a second.


Implemented OpenCV with:

To: improve read & write (image, video) IO speed.

  • Faster than OpenCV:

    • 2-6x with JPEG Encoder
    • 1.1x with others.
  • Added some function which used frequently.

  • More info: find in

Computer Vision (cv):

  • Added Face Align with five landmark.


  • Added cosine_similarity
  • Added cosine
  • Added euclidean_distance
  • Added convert distance functions

*Note: all function execute in numpy.

Attributes dict:

  • AttrDict: will help you get value of key via attributes. Implement attrdict.AttrDict
  • DefaultDict: help cover your dict with (keys, values) that was defined before. Implement from AttrDict
  • TypedDict: help cover your dict when set item. Implement from AttrDict.
  • DefaultTypeDict: dict only access one type for all element.
  • Support initial attrdict with iterable, generator.
  • Support to_buffer method with optimize compression.
  • Support recreate dict with from_buffer.
  • Lightweight than pickle.dumps


  • Environment: Auto pair environment parameters fit with default, which provided before.


  • Hashing
  • Sort


Cmake error during install blosc

Firstly, you need install scikit

$ pip install scikit-build

After that, follow instuction to install Cmake:


$ pip install cmake>=3.12   

Not found 'FFmpeg':

Find FFmppeg lib at:


sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

Not found 'libjpeg-turbo':

Find FFmppeg lib at:


$ sudo apt install libturbojpeg

Not found Redis or Kafka server:

  • Make sure your Redis or Kafka server started.
  • Make sure correct username & password.

Not found 'Could NOT find OpenSSL':

SSL development libraries have to be installed


$ apt-get install libssl-dev libffi-dev

Develop by: TinDang
OS: Ubuntu Bionic 18.04
Python: 3.6.9 stable

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