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An extra decorator for Django Rest Framework that allows methods of a viewset to accept a nested key.

Project description

# drf-nested-decorator

A decorator that allows view actions to be nested and seeks to be integrated into DRF after proper tests are written.

I didn't try to create a lot of new stuff, i just edited the SimpleRouter and added a decorator

**Use at own risk.** No tests yet! 'Works for me' though.. :)

I've created this functionality because i was in need, and will try to add tests and better organisation to it when i have time.
Want to use it? Star so i know there's someone else besides me that will benefit from my efforts.

## Usage


from drf_nested_decorator.decorator import nested_detail_route
from rest_framework.response import Response
from rest_framework.permissions import IsAuthenticated
from my_users.permission_classes import ActuallyOwnsCard, IsAwesome
from my_users.serializers import CardSerializer
from my_users.models import Card

class MyUserViewSet(mixins.RetrieveModelMixin, mixins.ListModelMixin, GenericViewSet):

authentication_classes = (SessionAuthentication, )
permission_classes = (IsAuthenticated, )
queryset = MyUser.objects.all()
serializer_class = MyUserSerializer

@nested_detail_route(['DELETE'], url_path='cards', permission_classes=(IsAwesome, ActuallyOwnsCard) + permission_classes)
def nested_cards(self, request, pk=None, nested_pk=None)
serializer = CardSerializer(Card.objects.get(pk=nested_pk))
return Response(

from drf_nested_decorator.routers import NestedDecoratorSimpleRouter
from my_app.views import MyUserViewSet

router = NestedDecoratorSimpleRouter()
router.register(r'myuser', MyUserViewSet, base_name="myuser")

## To do:

- Add tests, for everything (no decorator tests in DRF found, find or create)
- Test with other packages like drf-nested-routers and drf-extensions
- No formal parameter nested_lookup on decorated method supplied ->> good error message
- Find out from what lower version this is supported, I'm using 3.1.3.
- Automatic lookup of nested model through a nested_queryset?

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