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Extension for Django Rest Framework to enable simple sideloading

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:warning: Note that there are major API changes since version 0.1.1 that have to be taken into account when upgrading!

:warning: Python 2 and Django 1.11 are no longer supported from version 1.4.0!

Django rest framework sideloading

DRF-sideloading is an extension to provide side-loading functionality of related resources. Side-loading allows related resources to be optionally included in a single API response minimizing requests to the API.


  1. Install drf-sideloading:

    pip install drf-sideloading
  2. Import SideloadableRelationsMixin:

    from drf_sideloading.mixins import SideloadableRelationsMixin
  3. Write your SideLoadableSerializer You need to define the primary serializer in the Meta data and can define prefetching rules. Also notice the many=True on the sideloadable relationships.

    from drf_sideloading.serializers import SideLoadableSerializer
    class ProductSideloadableSerializer(SideLoadableSerializer):
        products = ProductSerializer(many=True)
        categories = CategorySerializer(source="category", many=True)
        suppliers = SupplierSerializer(source="supplier", many=True)
        partners = PartnerSerializer(many=True)
        class Meta:
            primary = "products"
            prefetches = {
                "categories": "category",
                "suppliers": "supplier",
                "partners": "partners",
  4. Configure sideloading Include SideloadableRelationsMixin mixin in ViewSet and define sideloading_serializer_class as shown in example below. Evrything else stays just like a regular ViewSet

    from drf_sideloading.mixins import SideloadableRelationsMixin
    class ProductViewSet(SideloadableRelationsMixin, viewsets.ModelViewSet):
        A simple ViewSet for viewing and editing products.
        queryset = Product.objects.all()
        serializer_class = ProductSerializer
        sideloading_serializer_class = ProductSideloadableSerializer
  5. Enjoy your API with sideloading support

    GET /api/products/?sideload=categories,partners,suppliers,products
      "products": [
          "id": 1,
          "name": "Product 1",
          "category": 1,
          "supplier": 1,
          "partners": [1, 2, 3]
      "categories": [
          "id": 1,
          "name": "Category1"
      "suppliers": [
          "id": 1,
          "name": "Supplier1"
      "partners": [
          "id": 1,
          "name": "Partner1"
          "id": 2,
          "name": "Partner1"
          "id": 3,
          "name": "Partner3"

Example Project

Directory example contains an example project using django rest framework sideloading library. You can set it up and run it locally using following commands:

cd example
sh scripts/
sh scripts/


Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.

Setup for contribution

source <YOURVIRTUALENV>/bin/activate
(myenv) $ pip install -r requirements_dev.txt


$ make test

Run tests with environment matrix

$ make tox

Run tests with specific environment

$ tox --listenvs
# ...
$ tox -e py39-django32-drf312

Test coverage

$ make coverage

Use pyenv for testing using different python versions locally.





1.4.2 (2021-04-12)

  • Add support for lists in filter_related_objects

1.4.1 (2021-04-09)

  • Fix sideloadable prefetches

1.4.0 (2021-04-07)

  • Python supported versions 3.6 -> 3.9
  • Django supported versions 2.2, 3.1, 3.2
  • Django-rest-framework supported versions. 3.9 -> 3.12

1.3.1 (2021-04-07)

Added support for django.db.models.Prefetch

1.3.0 (2019-04-23)

Fix empty related fields sideloading bug

  • Support for Django 2.2

1.2.0 (2018-10-29)

Completely refactored sideloading configuration via a custom serializer.

  • Support for Django 2.1
  • Support for Django-rest-framework 3.9

0.1.10 (2017-07-20)

  • Support for Django 2.0

0.1.8 (2017-07-20)

  • change sideloadable_relations dict
  • always required to define 'serializer'
  • key is referenced to url and serialized in as rendered json
  • add source which specifies original model field name

0.1.0 (2017-07-20)

  • First release on PyPI.

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