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CLI tool for managing Dropbox environment.

Project description

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# dropme CLI tool to manage data in Dropbox workspace (based on official [dropbox-sdk-python](

## Quick Start 1. Clone dropme repository: git clone 2. Configure settings.yaml file (in dropme/settings.yaml).


  1. Create isolated Python environment virtualenv venv and activate it source venv/bin/activate.

  2. Install dropme with all necessary dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt ..

  3. (Optional) Add dropme command bash completion:

    dropme complete | sudo tee /etc/bash_completion.d/gc.bash_completion > /dev/null

    Restart terminal and activate virtual environment once again.

  4. Run dropme:

    • as a standalone application

      ` $ dropme (dropme) whoami +--------------+------------------------+ | Field | Value | +--------------+------------------------+ | user | John Doe | | e_mail | | | country | UA | | account_type | basic | +--------------+------------------------+ (dropme) ls -l +------+---------+---------------------+-----------------------------+ | type | size | last_modified | name | +------+---------+---------------------+-----------------------------+ | d | | | demo/ | | d | | | foo/ | | d | | | dummy/ | | - | 1.11 MB | 2017-10-29 11:12:54 | Start work with Dropbox.pdf | | - | 19.0 B | 2017-11-17 12:41:29 | bar.txt | +------+---------+---------------------+-----------------------------+ `

    • as a command with respective sub-command arguments

      ` $ dropme df +-----------+-----------------+ | Field | Value | +-----------+-----------------+ | allocated | 2.0 GB | | used | 326.19 MB | | available | 1.68 GB (84.1%) | +-----------+-----------------+ `

## How to Use

usage: dropme [–version] [-v | -q] [–log-file LOG_FILE] [-h] [–debug]

[-t TOKEN]

CLI tool for managing Dropbox environment.

optional arguments:

show program’s version number and exit

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity of output. Can be repeated.

-q, --quiet

Suppress output except warnings and errors.

--log-file LOG_FILE

Specify a file to log output. Disabled by default.

-h, --help

Show help message and exit.


Show tracebacks on errors.

-t TOKEN, --token TOKEN

Dropbox token.


complete print bash completion command (cliff) cp Copies a file or folder to a different location in the user’s Dropbox. df Shows information about space usage of the current user’s account. find Searches for files and folders. get Downloads a file at a given local path. help print detailed help for another command (cliff) ls Lists directory content. mkdir Creates a folder at a given path. mv Moves a file or folder to a different location in the user’s Dropbox. put Uploads a file to a specified directory. restore Restores file to a specified revision. revs Lists file revisions. rm Deletes a file or a folder at a given path. status Shows status of a specified file or folder. whoami Shows information about the current user’s account.

## Running the tests We use the [tox]( package to run tests. To install, use pip install tox. Once installed, run tox from the root directory.

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