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Missing command line interface to druid data store.

Project description

Druid data store does some incredible things and at the same time is a piece of software that can come in your darkest nightmares.

It is simply hard to work with druid: starting from deploying cluster and ending on using the simplest task.

druid-cli is a tool that aims to help with some tasks that are really PITA in druid like:

  • removing your data

  • checking if anything works

  • inspecting cluster

Project is still WIP so you should be aware that: * some features are not available (tasks, removing segments etc.) * it is very likely that error messages (or even stack traces) won’t tell you what you’re doing wrong


Install from sources or use pip to fetch latest version from PYPI:

pip install druid-cli


Usage: druid-cli [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --overlord LOCATION     Hostname and port of overlord node
  --coordinator LOCATION  Hostname and port of coordinator node
  --broker LOCATION       Hostname and port of broker node
  --help                  Show this message and exit.

  datasource  note: requires druid broker node
  rule        note: requires druid coordinator node
  server      note: requires druid coordinator node
  task        note: requires druid overlord node

druid-cli assumes that each type of druid nodes listens on localhost:8080. This obviously can not be true so you have give to druid-cli an explicit location of required druid node like:

druid-cli --coordinator localhost:8082 datasource details

This obviuosly sucks but you can provide those locations using following environment variables:




For more detailed usage on commands use druid-cli <command> --help


Contributions are very welcome.


0.3.1 (2014-12-10)

  • fixed project requirements (python-dateutil added)

0.3.0 (2014-12-09)

  • submitting tasks now requires specifying interval

0.2.0 (2014-12-05)

  • support for submitting delete task

0.1.0 (2014-12-03)

  • errors from druid API endpoints are now nicely formatted

  • some errors can give hints about what is incorrect (currently only http 404 errors)

  • html2text added to requirements

  • initial tasks support (kill and noop)


druid-cli is licensed under LGPL license, version 3.

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