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dtTimeFrame is a module that pack time track functions and subprocess call functions into one single class.

Project description


dtTimeFrame is a module that pack time track functions and subprocess call functions into one single class.

Install dtTimeFrame

pip install dttimeframe

Example codes


from dtTimeFrame.timeFrame import tag # type: ignore

# Initiation
Tool = tag() = "log.txt" # filename of the log file, store stdout info = "err.txt" # filename of the err file, store stderr info = "log.json" # filename of the extra command record, store time stamp, commands and others info

# start logging and write header into log/err files

# > your code insert here < 

# print time stamp with personalized msg
Tool.timeStamp("PREVIEW: show something you want to info")

# command runner, base on
phrase_str = F"echo this command line"

# command runner with specific output file
phrase_str = F"echo this command line into specific output file: test.txt"

# > your code insert here < 

# end logging and write footer into log/err files 


from dtTimeFrame.timeFrame import detector # type: ignore

file_be_process_handle = detector(print_func=print,call_func=print)
# "file_be_process_handle = detector(print_func=Tool.timeStamp,call_func=Tool.runCommand)"
# combine use with tag()"target.txt")
if file_be_process_handle.missing(): # if target.txt missing?
    with open(file_be_process_handle.doing_str,"w") as target_handle: # doing-target.txt
        target_handle.write("Hello world\n")
    file_be_process_handle.done() # rename doing-target.txt as target.txt


Download files

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