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Structural engineering dxf drawing system

Project description

DxfStructure - structural engineering dxf drawing system

DxfStructure is an structural engineering software that help making detailing drawing of steel and reinforced concrete structure. DxfStructure idea is based on DXF drawing format. DxfStrcture is a dxf file processor that analyze dxf file content and complete some additional data like mark and quantity of elements and material schedule. DxfStructure is free software. All you need is any dxf file editor, it can be commercial software like AutoCad but also freeware like NanoCad or even free software like LibreCad.


  • section alternate names added

  • steel schedule formate updated

  • full backward compatibility

  • port to python3 and PyQt5, python 2 dropped

  • full backward compatibility

  • DS_CBAR_UNPLOT layer added

  • full backward compatibility

  • hot fix - centre ignore for in meter bars

  • full backward compatibility

  • range pline endmark trick

  • range and bar pline intersection detection fixed

  • app window layout improved

  • full backward compatibility

  • check for quite similar bars number option added

  • color system updated

  • bar schedule format updated - shape column added

  • language version option added

  • in meter length element and bar available

  • possibility to define bar quantity as expression e.g 2*2#12-[4]

  • bar with forced straight shape in schedule

  • full backward compatibility

  • updated to ezdxf 0.8.8

  • full backward compatibility

  • profil anotation syntax changed to 4x(1)-IPE 300-1200-S235

  • full backward compatibility

  • bar shape anotation changed to look like e.g. [1] - #12 L=2120

  • steel setion database list updated

  • main features for steel implemented

  • command feature added

  • main features for concrete implemented

0.0.2 (alpha)
  • first PyPI version


  1. Python 3.9

  2. Non-standard Python libraries needed


Use pip to install dxfstructure and needed non-standard libraries:

pip install dxfstructure

Run method

To run dxfstructure you can:

1 - find Python installation root directory and execute from ..Python3Libsite-packagesdxfstructure

2 - find Python installation root directory and execute DxfStructure.exe from ..Python3Scripts (it is for Windiws)

3 - use command prompt and type:


There is also available binary release for Windows. Check project website for more details.

OS system

Windows (7,10) and Linux (xubuntu) tested.


Copyright (C) 2017-2022 Lukasz Laba

Dxfstructure is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License

The full license can be found in ‘license.txt’

Other information

Project website:

E-mail :

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Source Distribution

dxfstructure-0.4.8.tar.gz (696.5 kB view hashes)

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