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Dyn Python SDK

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# Dyn Python SDK - Developer Preview

NOTE: This is a developer preview - we welcome your feedback! Please reach out via pull request or GitHub issue.

Making DNS Updates as easy as:

from dyn.traffic import DynTraffic

# create a new instance of the API client dyn = DynTraffic(‘customername’, ‘username’, ‘password’).with_zone(‘’)

# establish an API connection dyn.session.create()

# create an A record dyn.record.create(‘A’, ‘’, {‘address’:’’})

# create a CNAME record dyn.record.create(‘CNAME’, ‘’, {‘cname’:’’})

# delete one A record dyn.record.delete(‘A’, ‘’, <record_id>)

# delete all A record dyn.record.delete(‘A’, ‘’)

# delete a CNAME record dyn.record.delete(‘CNAME’, ‘’)

# publish changes

#Get all records from the zone

#Get all records from the node‘’)

# log out to finish session dyn.session.destroy()

Working with Messaging is as easy as:

import sys from dyn.messaging import DynMessaging import json

def show(message, result):

sys.stderr.write(message + “: ” + json.dumps(result) + ‘nn’)

client = DynMessaging(‘yourapikey’) client._client.verbose = False

# accounts (create, list, list_xheaders, update, update_headers, destroy) show(“ACCOUNTS LIST”, client.accounts.list()) show(“ACCOUNTS CREATE”, client.accounts.create(””, “secretword”, “some company”, “1234567890”, “123 main st”, “big city”, “MA”, “12345”, “USA”, “east”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”)) show(“ACCOUNTS UPDATE”, client.accounts.update(””, “secretword”, “some company”, “1234567890”, “123 main st”, “big city”, “MA”, “12345”, “USA”, “east”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”)) show(“ACCOUNTS DESTROY”, client.accounts.destroy(””)) show(“XHEADERS LIST”, client.accounts.list_xheaders()) show(“XHEADERS UPDATE”, client.accounts.update_xheaders(‘X-MyExample1’,’X-AnotherExample2’,’X-Interesting3’,’X-Important4’))

# senders (list, details, status, create, update, dkim, destroy) show(“SENDERS LIST”, client.senders.list()) show(“SENDERS DETAILS”, client.senders.details(””)) show(“SENDERS STATUS”, client.senders.status(””)) show(“SENDERS CREATE”, client.senders.create(””)) show(“SENDERS UPDATE”, client.senders.update(””)) show(“SENDERS DKIM”, client.senders.dkim(””, “123dkim”)) show(“SENDERS DESTROY”, client.senders.destroy(””))

# recipients (status, activate) show(“RECIPIENTS STATUS”, client.recipients.status(””)) show(“RECIPIENTS ACTIVATE”, client.recipients.activate(””))

# suppressions (list, count, create, activate) show(“SUPPRESSIONS LIST”, client.suppressions.list()) show(“SUPPRESSIONS COUNT”, client.suppressions.count()) show(“SUPPRESSIONS CREATE”, client.suppressions.create(””)) show(“SUPPRESSIONS ACTIVATE”, client.suppressions.activate(””))

# send mail (send) show(“SEND MAIL”, client.send_mail.send(””, “”, ‘hello’, ‘from python api’, “<html><body>’hi from python api’</body></html>”, “”, “”))

# report - delivery (list, count) show(“DELIVERY REPORT”,‘2014-01-01’,’2014-08-01’)) show(“DELIVERY COUNTS”,‘2014-01-01’,’2014-08-01’))

# Examples

For more comprehensive examples, check out the “examples” folder.

# API Endpoints Supported

  • Traffic - Session API: create/destroy


  • Traffic - Zone API: list/get/publish/freeze/thaw

  • Traffic - Http Redirect API: create/update/list/destroy

  • Messaging - All Endpoints Supported

# Known Issues

  • None yet

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