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A Python client library for the Dynata Demand API

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A Python client library for the Dynata Demand API. There are also go and .NET clients available.


You can install the Demand API client with:

pip install dynatademand

You can provide your Demand API credentials in a couple of ways. They can be set in the environment (a sample config is provided in .env-example) or you can provide them while creating the client object.

Example Usage

# You can optionally provide your credentials here instead of environment variables.
demandapi = DemandAPIClient("client_id", "username", "password")

# Any function requiring one or more IDs should be provided as positional arguments.

# Provide query parameters as keyword-arguments.

# Functions that send data in a request body accept a python dictionary.
# Your data will be validated against the schemas provided in the Demand API documentation.
project_data = {
  'title': 'My New Survey',

Supported API Functions

Links to the Demand API documentation are included for each function.

Authentication Functions

Obtain Access Token: authenticate()
Refresh Access Token: refresh_access_token()
Logout: logout()

Event Functions

Get Event: get_event(event_id)
Get Events: get_events(**kwargs)

Project Functions

Buy Project: buy_project(project_id, buy_data)
Close Project: close_project(project_id)
Create Project: create_project(project_data)
Get Project: get_project(project_id)
Get Projects: get_projects(**kwargs)
Update Project: update_project(project_id, update_data)
Get Project Detailed Report: get_project_detailed_report(project_id)
Get Pricing & Feasibility: get_feasibility(project_id)
Get Invoice PDF: get_invoice(project_id)
Get Invoices Summary PDF: get_invoices_summary(**kwargs)

Line Item Functions

Add Line Item: add_line_item(project_id, lineitem_data)
Close Line Item: close_line_item(project_id, line_item_id)
Get Line Item: get_line_item(project_id, line_item_id)
Get Line Items: get_line_items(project_id, **kwargs)
Launch Line Item: launch_line_item(project_id, line_item_id)
Pause Line Item: pause_line_item(project_id, line_item_id)
Update Line Item: update_line_item(project_id, line_item_id, line_item_data)
Get Line Item Detailed Report: get_line_item_detailed_report(project_id, line_item_id) Launch Quota cell: set_quotacell_status(project_id, line_item_id, quota_cell_id, launch)
Pause Quota cell: set_quotacell_status(project_id, line_item_id, quota_cell_id, pause)

Misc Functions

Get Attributes: get_attributes(country_code, language_code, **kwargs)
Get Countries: get_countries(**kwargs)
Get Sources: get_sources()
Get Survey Topics: get_survey_topics(**kwargs)


Information on contributing.


To run the tests, you will need to install the development requirements to your environment. It's recommended to create a virtual environment for your installation to avoid any package conflicts.

You can check out the code by running:

git clone
cd python-demandapi-client

And you can create an environment by running:

# If you're using Python 2.7
virtualenv venv

# Or if you're using Python 3:
python3 -m venv venv

source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

While your virtual environment is activated, you can run pytest tests to run the tests.

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