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Create charts for E360 Plotly Visualisations.

Project description

E360 Charting (VRS)

Create charts for E360 Plotly Visualisations.


  • Creates payloads for E360 Visualisation Resource Service (VRS).
  • VRS payloads have a Plotly-like structure, but are significantly different.
  • Merge multiple charts into a single report.
  • Convert visualisation instances to pure Plotly payloads.

Install pre-commit hooks into this git repository

pre-commit install --install-hooks --overwrite

Quick start

from e360_charting import PieVisualisation
from e360_charting import AnnotationModel  # Optional

# Create a simple visualisation instance
vis = PieVisualisation(
    report_title='My Pie Chart',
    labels=['a', 'b', 'c'],
    values=[33, 66, 1],
    annotations=[AnnotationModel(text='Some Text', x=0.5, y=0.5)]  # Optional

# Get a payload from the instance as a dictionary
vis.dump()  # -> {...}

# Convert to a pure Plotly payload
vis.as_plotly().dump()  # -> {...}


from e360_charting import GroupedVisualisations

"""Extends previous example"""

# Instance for holding multiple reports
group = GroupedVisualisations()

# Add a visualisation to the group
group += vis  # This way multiple instances can be merged

# Use the group to dump to a VRS payload
group.dump()  # -> {...}

Charting classes available

  • e360_charting.BarStackStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.BarStackVisualisation
  • e360_charting.BarStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.BarVisualisation
  • e360_charting.DonutVisualisation
  • e360_charting.FallenTreePlotStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.FallenTreePlotVisualisation
  • e360_charting.MultiChartAxesVisualisation
  • e360_charting.MultiLineStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.MultiLineVisualisation
  • e360_charting.MultiSteppedLineStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.MultiSteppedLineVisualisation
  • e360_charting.MultiStraightLineStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.PieVisualisation
  • e360_charting.RelativeBarStackStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.RelativeBarStackVisualisation
  • e360_charting.SankeyVisualisation
  • e360_charting.StaticSankeyVisualisation
  • e360_charting.SunburstVisualisation
  • e360_charting.TableStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.TableVisualisation
  • e360_charting.WaterfallStratifiedVisualisation
  • e360_charting.WaterfallVisualisation

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