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EnigmaBridge Python Client

Project description

With this repo you can use Enigma Bridge encryption service.


pip install ebclient


The following example assumes that you already have access to the encryption server, i.e., you have a valid api key, which in this case is ‘API_TEST’.

Calling processData():

from ebclient.process_data import ProcessData
from ebclient.uo import Configuration, Endpoint, SimpleRetry, UO
from ebclient.crypto_util import *

# Construct general configuration (endpoint, request config)
cfg = Configuration()
cfg.endpoint_process = Endpoint.url('')
cfg.api_key = 'API_TEST'

# UO you want to work with
uo_aes = UO(uo_id=0xee01,

# ProcessData itself
pd = ProcessData(uo=uo_aes, config=cfg)
result ='6bc1bee22e409f96e93d7e117393172a'))
print(from_hex('95c6bb9b6a1c3835f98cc56087a03e82') == result)

For more usage examples please refer to tests and our API documentation.


pip install pycrypto requests

Or to install to home directory

pip install --user pycrypto requests

If the error ImportError: No module named Crypto is thrown it’s needed to run pip with --upgrade and update pycrypto to the latest version.


We should be compatible with Python 2.6+ and Python 3+.


Error in installation of dependencies (cryptography, pyOpenSSL): sorry, but this version only supports 100 named groups [100-named-groups]

Solution: Install downgraded version of pycparser and pyOpenSSL:

pip install pycparser==2.13
pip install pyOpenSSL==0.13
pip install cryptography

You may need to install some deps for the python packages

yum install gcc g++ openssl-devel libffi-devel python-devel

SNI on Python < 2.7.9

TLS SNI support was added to Python. For earlier versions SNI needs to be added to Requests networking library.

pip install urllib3
pip install pyopenssl
pip install ndg-httpsclient
pip install pyasn1

Mac OSX installation

For new OSX versions (El Capitan and above) the default system python installation cannot be modified with standard means. There are some workarounds, but one can also use --user switch for pip.

pip install --user cryptography

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