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EC2 Manager

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A python wrapper around a terraform ec2 deployment. It awaits instances till their done initializing and allows the user more control over updating or not updating particular instances. It also streamlines project setup and deployments with GitHub workflows.


  • Terraform The python package deploys a terraform module.
  • AWS CLI Boto3 commands check the instance status and send it ssm commands.
  • GitHub The deployment updates based on a GitHub repo.
  • Docker Centered around docker deployments, but it is not a requirement.
  • Python The tool is written is python.


You can install this package with pip by running the command below.

pip install ec2-manager


Here is a basic example of

  1. Setup your project and make sure to check it into GitHub
    ec2-manger init
    This will setup your repo with a template and a config that looks like this:


    # globals
    type: example
    aws_region: us-east-1
    vpc_name: "Default VPC"
    public_subnet_cidr: ""
    # instance configurations
        instance_type: t4g.nano
        update: True
        volume_size: 8
          start: "docker-compose up --detach"
          stop: "docker-compose down"
          EXAMPLE: HelloWorld
          - protocol: tcp
            from_port: 80
            to_port: 80
  2. Add your secrets to your repo via the prompts
    ec2-manger set-secrets
  3. Apply your changes to deploy, or use the workflow in the template to auto deploy on push.
    ec2-manger apply


You can subclass ec2-manager to script in any custom steps or additional remote commands.

import ec2_manager

class CustomManager(ec2_manager.EC2Manager):
    def update(self):

Then run ec2-manager with the these flags

ec2-manager --subclass-file ./ --subclass-name CustomManager

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