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Simple CLI / module to create/start/stop EC2 instances

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> Simple CLI / module to create/start/stop EC2 instances. > Originally created to spin up instances to compile Python extensions for AWS Lambda projects.

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  • Single command creation of security key and instance

  • Idempotent, repeated calls do not result in multiple instances

  • Waits for AWS tasks to complete and provides confirmation.


  • AWS Profiles

  • Instance type specification

  • Key generation

  • Start/stop/terminate Instances

## Notes

By design, the application binds instance creation to a key file (custom name can be specified). This allows enhanced security around managing the life cycle of an instance, but requires creation of more than one keyfile for multiple instances.

## Installation

  • Install:
    • pip install –upgrade

## Setup

## Usage

  • ec2 - Creates a new AWS instance of t2.nano, and a new Key if either do not exist. If these already exist, will start the instance if stopped.

  • ec2 -s - Stop the instance. If one does not exist, will create a key and new instance.

  • ec2 -r - Remove the instance (terminates) and delete the key.

  • ec2 -i - Print the public dns name. Allows calling from another bash script.

  • ec2 -i -v - Print the instance type, ami image, public ip address, public dns name.

  • ec2 -p myProfile -k myKey -t t2.medium - Use a custom profile, key name and instance type.

  • ec2 -h - Help

## SSH to a created instance:

  • Make sure the pem key has chmod 0600, example: chmod 600

  • Make sure the security group for the instance has port 22 connectivity allowed.

  • Get the Public DNS name for the instance: ec2 -i

  • Connect: ssh ec2-user@DNS_NAME -i

## Developer Setup

  • Install VirtualEnvWrapper
    • sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper –upgrade

    • echo “source /usr/local/bin/” >> ~/.bashrc”

  • Create / switch to Virtual Env
    • mkvirtualenv ec2 or workon ec2

  • Setup
    • make setup

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