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Python package to interact with Expert Electronics SDR TCI control interface.

Project description


Python package to interact with Expert Electronics SDR TCI control interface.

This package is a work-in-progress and will probably change quite a bit in the near term.

It is currently based on the TCI Protocol.pdf, version 2.0 from the ExpertSDR3/TCI documentation repo.

I have tested basic connectivity, receiving and changing parameters, and receiving and transmitting audio streams in various formats.

Until everything stabilizes, take a look at the example folder to see a couple different ways it can be used. Example utilities include:

  • reads startup parameters and outputs them as a JSON dictionary
  • prints out all parameter changes received from the TCI server
  • receives audio stream from the TCI interface which can be piped to other utilities
  • repeatedly spots a list of stations to keep them visible in the EESDR interface
  • moves between a list of stations and pauses if squelch is broken
  • provides a pure TCI interface to the direwolf packet soundmodem. (Note: currently, this requires building a modified version which can pipe the transmit audio, see this branch if interested.)
  • listens for CTCSS/PL tones in receiver audio and prints possible matches.
  • 12-button CW macro keyer with freeform text box and speed adjustment. cw_macro_keyer_screenshot
  • Use the spotting feature to leave notes to yourself during unassissted contest activites. contest_memo_screenshot

Recent Changes


Updated/added a couple of commands to match the most recent TCI protocol definition.


Refactored several things, including coding style cleanups and adding docstrings to the code. There were two major changes that may impact existing code:

  1. Module name tci.Listener was changed to tci.listener.
  2. Listener.get_cached_param_value(...) was removed along with the entire caching setup. It was mainly a remnant of my very first pass at structuring things and I didn't find a need for it in any of the utilities I've made so far. It could also be easily recreated in a program that would make use of it.

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eesdr-tci-0.1.0.tar.gz (10.2 kB view hashes)

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eesdr_tci-0.1.0-py3-none-any.whl (9.3 kB view hashes)

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