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eGenix mx Base Distribution for Python - mxDateTime, mxTextTools, mxProxy, mxTools, mxBeeBase, mxStack, mxQueue, mxURL, mxUID

Project description

eGenix mx Base Distribution for Python

The eGenix mx Extension Series are a collection of Python extensions written in ANSI C and Python which provide a large spectrum of useful additions to everyday Python programming.

We are using the distribution on a daily basis on our own servers and for client installations. Many large corporations are building their Python applications on parts of the mx Base Distribution. It is also included in popular Linux distributions, such as RedHat, OpenSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.


The Base Distribution includes the Open Source subpackages of the series and is needed by all other add-on packages of the series:

mxDateTime - Date/Time Library for Python

mxDateTime implements three new object types, DateTime, DateTimeDelta and RelativeDateTime and many tools based on these for doing easy conversion between and parsing of various date/time formats.

mxTextTools - Fast Text Parsing and Processing Tools for Python

mxTextTools provides several useful functions and types that implement high-performance text parsing, processing and search algorithms.

mxProxy - Object Access Control for Python

mxProxy implements a new proxy type to provide low-level object access control, weak referencing and a cleanup protocol. It’s ideal for use in restricted execution environments.

mxBeeBase - On-disk B+Tree Based Database Kit for Python

mxBeeBase is a high performance construction kit for disk based indexed databases. It offers components which you can plug together to easily build your own custom mid-sized databases.

mxURL - Flexible URL Data-Type for Python

mxURL provides a new datatype for storing and manipulating URL values as well as a few helpers related to URL building, encoding and decoding.

mxUID - Fast Universal Identifiers for Python

mxUID implements a fast mechanism for generating universal identification strings (UIDs).

mxStack - Fast and Memory-Efficient Stack Type for Python

mxStack implements a fast and memory efficient stack object type.

mxQueue - Fast and Memory-Efficient Queue Type for Python

mxQueue implements a fast and memory efficient queue object type.

mxTools - Fast Everyday Helpers for Python

mxTools provides a collection of handy functions and objects for every day Python programming. It includes many functions that you’ve often missed in Python.


For downloads, documentation, installation instructions and changelogs, please visit the product page at:


This open source software is brought to you by and distributed under the Public License 1.1.0.

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