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Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) ETL library

Project description

Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) Processor

CLI tools and Python library for interacting with EIPs from the source EIPs GitHub repository.



  • CLI tools
  • Library API
  • Documentation

Data processing:

  • EIP Metadata processing
  • EIP relationships and references
  • Automated tagging
  • File history, changelog
  • Aggregate data, statistics, and error detection


Show EIP

eips show 20

Show EIP Headers

eips show -i 4626

API Usage

Get an EIP

>>> from eips import EIPs
>>> eips = EIPs()
>>> eip_20 = eips.get(20)[0]
>>> eip_20.title
'Token Standard'

Get all EIPs

>>> from eips import EIPs
>>> eips = EIPs()
>>> for e in eips.get():
...   print(e.eip_id)

Get count of EIPs

>>> from eips import EIPs
>>> eips = EIPs()
>>> eips.len()

Get EIPs aggregate stats

>>> from eips import EIPs
>>> eips = EIPs()
>>> eips.stats().total
>>> eips.stats().errors
>>> [c.value for c in eips.stats().categories]
['ERC', 'Core', 'Interface', 'Networking']
>>> [s.value for s in eips.stats().statuses]
['Stagnant', 'Last Call', 'Withdrawn', 'Final', 'Review', 'Draft', 'Living']
>>> [t.value for t in eips.stats().types]
['Standards Track', 'Meta', 'Informational']


Run Tests

hatch run test


hatch run lint


# Bump the version major/minor/patch
hatch version patch
# Tag the git commit with the version
git tag -a "v$(hatch version)" -m "v$(hatch version)"
# Push it up to GH, don't forget the tag
git push --follow-tags

Now create a GitHub release and CI will do the rest.

Project details

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