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Study and protocol information for the EDRN Knowledge Environment

Project description

This product,, provides display and RDF ingest of participating studies and medical protocols that are being executed, will be executed, or have been executed by the Early Detection Research Network (EDRN). Studies and protocols are the major research efforts (and therefore funded entities) that EDRN researchers pursue, and therefore are a vital component of the EDRN Knowledge Environment (EKE). EDRN uses the EKE to make it easy to discover, share, search for, and retrieve all of EDRN’s collective knowledge, including cancers and other diseases, biomarkers, specimens, participants, staff, and-as in the case of this product-studies and protocols.

Although intended for the EDRN public portal, it can be installed in any Plone compatible site.

This software is developed by the EDRN Informatics Center at JPL, operated by the California Institute of Technology, for NCI.

Note for Developers: Tests for this package do not work correctly under the RoadRunner. Use the standard instance test runner instead. (It’s not the fault of the RoadRunner; it has to do with co-dependency of this project with eke.biomarker).


Use Buildout with the plone.recipe.zope2instance recipe.

  • Add to the list of eggs to install, e.g.:

    eggs =
  • Re-run buildout, e.g. with:

    % ./bin/buildout

You can skip the ZCML slug if you are going to explicitly include the package from another package’s configure.zcml file.


A retrospective of the various releases this component has had, what’s been changed, what’s been fixed, and so forth, follows. For issue IDs mentioned below, see the issue tracker at

1.1.18 — Plone 4.3.9 Upgrade

  • CA-1592

1.1.17 — Let’s Get Involved!

  • CA-1492 - Need to include involved investigators in Investigator and Protocol pages

1.1.16 — You’re Not That Vain

  • CA-1492 - Involved investigator sites not appearing on protocols
  • CA-1497 - Duplicates appearing in involved investigator sites
  • CA-1498 - Add anchors for biomarkers and science data
  • CA-1450 - ingest should honor

1.1.15 — Werk Werk

  • CA-1436 - Collaborative Group Workspaces - Separate Projects and Protocols
  • CA-1437 - Portal upgrade clears “project” flag

1.1.14 — Bad Data

  • CA-1430 - Portal cannot ingest protocol #0

1.1.13 — Bug Fixes

  • CA-1300
  • CA-1292
  • CA-1302

1.1.12 — I Had Some Chicken; Pass Me the FLOSS

  • First official release as free/libre/open source software.

1.1.11 — Let’s Talk

  • CA-1229 - Discussion re-enabled after upgrade

1.1.10 — Non-EDRN Protocols and Non-EDRN Protocols

  • CA-1122 - Indicate if Protocol is not an EDRN Protocol
  • CA-1148 - Remove description from Protocols it’s duplicated in the abstract

1.1.9 — Closing Security Holes

  • Made compatible with Plone 4.3.

1.1.8 — More Upgrades

  • Made compatible with Plone 4.2.4

1.1.7 — Unicode, Again

  • CA-1005 - Non-US-ASCII characters in protocol title causes catalog rebuild to fail.

1.1.6 — Upgrades

Made compatible with Plone 4.1.5 and eea.facetednavigation 4.5. Also, addressed the following issues:

  • CA-965 - Log the upgrade process
  • CA-978 - can’t handle RDF with duplicate protocol titles

1.1.5 — Test Support

This release includes:

  • Depending on just Plone the framework instead of Plone the application.
  • Working around null dataset names and investigator names.

1.1.4 — Permanently adds 15 resilience to a shoulder slot item

This release makes functional tests even more resilient.

1.1.3 — Adds 40 Resilience Rating

This release makes functional tests more resilient.

1.1.2 — Yay Team!

This release expands on team projects, adding an index for projects, badging of projects, and a vocabulary to enumerate them. Also, during RDF ingest, it connects protocols to collaborative groups.

1.1.1 — Upgrade Cleanup

This release updates the GenericSetup profile to 4, provides upgrade steps to that profile, and makes the testing and development harness depend on “trunk” level of other eggs instead of on released versions of those eggs. Also, it removes in incompatible profile dependency.

1.1.0 — Plone 4

This release makes compatible with Plone 4.

1.0.2 — A Mixed Bag

This release fixes a couple of issues:

  • CA-583 - Add PDFs to Protocols
  • CA-620 - Locks appear on biomarkers listed under a protocol incorrectly (implementation)

1.0.1 — Protocol IDs

This release addresses just one tiny little issue:

  • CA-659 - Add protocol ID to protocol view

You can find the issue tracker at

1.0.0 — Prime Time

This release addresses a number of issues that make this component (and some of its selected counterparts) “prime time” for the operational NCI portal.

This release addresses the following issues:

  • CA-528 Automatic periodic ingest of RDF

You can find the issue tracker at

0.0.3 — Filler Text

This release addresses the following issues:

  • CA-586 - Show alternative text (if abstract text is empty) on protocol list page
  • CA-604 - Add PI to Protocol List

You can find the issue tracker at

0.0.2 — To Be Named At Release Time

This release addresses the following issues:

0.0.1 — HTML Formatting

The following issue is the sole issue addressed in this release:

Release 0.0.0

Beta release. This release is destined to become the FCS.

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