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Simple e-mail composition & decomposition

Project description

Project Status: Active — The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. CI Status MIT License

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eletter provides functionality for constructing & deconstructing email.message.EmailMessage instances without having to touch the needlessly complicated EmailMessage class itself. A simple function enables composition of e-mails with text and/or HTML bodies plus attachments, and classes are provided for composing more complex multipart e-mails.


eletter requires Python 3.6 or higher. Just use pip for Python 3 (You have pip, right?) to install eletter and its dependencies:

python3 -m pip install eletter


Constructing an e-mail with the compose() function:

import eletter

TEXT = (
    "Oh my beloved!\n"
    "Wilt thou dine with me on the morrow?\n"
    "We're having hot pockets.\n"
    "Love, Me\n"

HTML = (
    "<p>Oh my beloved!</p>\n"
    "<p>Wilt thou dine with me on the morrow?</p>\n"
    "<p>We're having <strong>hot pockets</strong>.<p>\n"
    "<p><em>Love</em>, Me</p>\n"

with open("hot-pocket.png", "rb") as fp:
    picture = eletter.BytesAttachment(,

msg = eletter.compose(
    subject="Meet Me",
    to=[eletter.Address("My Dear", "")],

msg can then be sent like any other EmailMessage, say, by using outgoing.

For more complex e-mails, a set of classes is provided. Here is the equivalent of the HTML-with-image e-mail with alternative plain text version from the email examples page in the Python docs:

from email.utils import make_msgid
import eletter

text = eletter.TextBody(
    "Cela ressemble à un excellent recipie[1] déjeuner.\n"

asparagus_cid = make_msgid()

html = eletter.HTMLBody(
    "  <head></head>\n"
    "  <body>\n"
    "    <p>Salut!</p>\n"
    "    <p>Cela ressemble à un excellent\n"
    '        <a href="'
    "            recipie\n"
    "        </a> déjeuner.\n"
    "    </p>\n"
    f'    <img src="cid:{asparagus_cid[1:-1]}" />\n'
    "  </body>\n"

image = eletter.BytesAttachment.from_file(

msg = (text | (html ^ image)).compose(
    subject="Ayons asperges pour le déjeuner",
    from_=eletter.Address("Pepé Le Pew", ""),
        eletter.Address("Penelope Pussycat", ""),
        eletter.Address("Fabrette Pussycat", ""),

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