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django_compressor filter to compile ember templates

Project description

Ember Compressor Compiler

[![Build Status](](


This tool is meant to be used as an extension to [django-compressor](

It precompiles [handlebars.js]( templates specifically for [ember.js](


- platform independent
- no need to install node.js packages
- flexible template naming conventions
- inline handlebars in django templates
- 100% test coverage
- [PEP 8]( compliance
- [semver]( compliance


Install with pip/easy_install from the pypi

`pip install ember-compressor-compiler`

or clone the latest source

git clone
cd ember-compressor-compiler
python install

You must also install [node.js]( or [PyV8](

The latest versions of node.js can be found [here](


Using this tool is as simple as installing it and adding it to the `COMPRESS_PRECOMPILERS` django setting

('text/x-handlebars', 'embercompressorcompiler.filter.EmberHandlebarsCompiler'),

Then, in your django templates you can embed handlebars templates like so
{% load staticfiles %}
{% load compress %}

{% compress js %}
<script type="text/x-handlebars" src="{% static 'app/templates/application.hbs' %}" ></script>
<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="index">
{% endcompress %}

Template Names

Template names are determined in one of two ways

1. the `data-template-name` attribute on the `script` tag in your django template
2. the `src` attribute on the `script` tag in your django template

When specified, the `data-template-name` value is used verbatim

If not, the `src` value is manipulated to give proper template names.

- the file extensions `.handlebars` and `.hbs` are removed
- everything before the parent directory `templates` is removed

<!-- results in template named 'application' -->
<script type="text/x-handlebars" src="{% static 'app/templates/application.hbs' %}" ></script>

<!-- results in template named 'example/index' -->
<script type="text/x-handlebars" src="{% static 'app/templates/example/index.handlebars' %}" ></script>

Advanced Usage

If you need to change the template naming behavior, you can subclass `embercompressorcompiler.filter.EmberHandlebarsCompiler`

from embercompressorcompiler.filter import EmberHandlebarsCompiler

class MyCompiler(EmberHandlebarsCompiler):
# override default parent directory
parent_dir = 'tpls'

# override default extensions
extensions = ['.tpl']

Then you register your own compiler subclass in `COMPRESS_PRECOMPILERS`

('text/x-handlebars', 'myapp.MyCompiler'),

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