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Evaluattion of Predictive CapabilitY for ranking biomarker candidates.

Project description



This tool was developed to Evaluate Predictive CapabilitY of each gene (feature) to become a predictive (bio)marker candidates. Documentation is available via Read the Docs.


  • python3

  • (Optional) virtualenv


Using pypi:

pip install epcy

From source:

python3 -m venv $HOME/.virtualenvs/epcy
source $HOME/.virtualenvs/epcy/bin/activate
pip install pip setuptools --upgrade
pip install wheel
cd [your_epcy_folder]
# If need it
# CFLAGS=-std=c99 pip3 install numpy==1.17.0
python3 install
epcy -h



After install:

epcy -h

From source:

cd [your_epcy_folder]
python3 -m epcy -h

Generic case:

  • EPCY is design to work on any quantitative data, provided that values of each feature are comparable between each samples (normalized).

  • To run a comparative analysis, epcy pred need two tabulated files:

    • A matrix of quantitative normalized data for each samples (column) with an “ID” column to identify each feature.

    • A design table which describe the comparison.

# Run epcy on any normalized quantification data
epcy pred -d ./data/small_for_test/design.tsv -m ./data/small_for_test/log_normalized_matrix.tsv -o ./data/small_for_test/EPCY_output

# If your data are normalized, but require a log2 transforamtion, add --log
epcy pred --log -d ./data/small_for_test/design.tsv -m ./data/small_for_test/normalized_matrix.tsv -o ./data/small_for_test/EPCY_output

# If your data are not normalized and require a log2 transforamtion, add --norm --log
epcy pred --norm --log -d ./data/small_for_test/design.tsv -m ./data/small_for_test/matrix.tsv -o ./data/small_for_test/EPCY_output

# Different runs might show small variations.
# To ensure reproducibility set a random seed, using --randomseed
epcy pred -d ./data/small_for_test/design.tsv -m ./data/small_for_test/normalized_matrix.tsv -o ./data/small_for_test/EPCY_output --randomseed 42
epcy pred -d ./data/small_for_test/design.tsv -m ./data/small_for_test/normalized_matrix.tsv -o ./data/small_for_test/EPCY_output2 --randomseed 42
diff ./data/small_for_test/EPCY_output/predictive_capability.tsv ./data/small_for_test/EPCY_output2/predictive_capability.tsv

More documentation is available via Read the Docs.

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