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Python library for making queries against Entwine Point Tile data.


Using git and pip:

git clone
cd ept-python
pip install .

Using just pip:

pip install git+


Example query and output to LasData object:

import ept

url = ''
bounds = ept.Bounds(
    482298, #xmin
    4390602, #ymin
    1762, #zmin
    482421, #xmax
    4390690, #ymax
    2113 #zmax

query = ept.EPT(url, bounds=bounds)
las = query.as_laspy()
<LasData(1.2, point fmt: <PointFormat(3, 4 bytes of extra dims)>, 98050 points, 4 vlrs)>


pip uninstall ept-python


Version 0.4.0

  • Updated to laspy 2.0
  • Added lazrs to requirements
  • Fixed a bug where existing task cache was getting overwritten #2
  • Added version limits to requirements
  • Minor PEP8 style changes

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