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EVM cfg builder written in Python 3.

Project description

# EVM CFG BUILDER [![Build Status](]( [![Slack Status](]( [![PyPI version](](

evm-cfg-builder is used to extract a control flow graph (CFG) from EVM bytecode. It is used by Ethersplay, Manticore, and other tools from Trail of Bits. It is a reliable foundation to build program analysis tools for EVM.

We encourage contributions that address any known [issues]( and will pay out bounties for accepted PRs. Join us on the [Empire Hacking Slack]( to discuss using or extending evm-cfg-builder.

## Features

  • Reliably recovers a Control Flow Graph (CFG) from EVM bytecode using a dedicated Value Set Analysis

  • Recovers functions names

  • Recovers attributes (e.g., payable, view, pure)

  • Outputs the CFG to a dot file

  • Library API

## Usage

### Command line

To export basic dissassembly information, run: ` evm-cfg-builder mycontract.evm `

To export the CFG of each function (dot format), run: ` evm-cfg-builder mycontract.evm --export-dot my_dir `

dot files can be read using xdot.

### Library See [examples/](examples/ and [examples/](examples/ for library examples.

## How to install

### Using Pip ` $ pip install evm-cfg-builder `

### Using Git ` git clone pip install . `

## Requirements

## Getting Help

Feel free to stop by our [Slack channel]( (#ethereum) for help using or extending evm-cfg-builder.

## License

evm-cfg-builder is licensed and distributed under the AGPLv3. [Contact us]( if you’re looking for an exception to the terms.

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