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Orange binding for Ewoks

Project description


ewoksorange provides s desktop graphical interface for ewoks.


pip install ewoksorange[test]

When using Oasys instead of Orange3

pip install --no-deps ewoksorange
pip install ewokscore
pip install AnyQt
pip install oasys1

For the tests in an Oasys environment

pip install ewokscore[test]
pip install importlib_resources  # python_version < "3.7"


pytest --pyargs ewoksorange.tests

Getting started

Launch the Orange canvas

ewoks-canvas /path/to/orange_wf.ows

or for an installation with the system python

python3 -m ewoksorange.canvas

or when Orange3 is installed

orange-canvas /path/to/orange_wf.ows --config orangewidget.workflow.config.Config

or for an installation with the system python

python3 -m orangecanvas /path/to/orange_wf.ows --config orangewidget.workflow.config.Config

Launch the Orange canvas using the Ewoks CLI

ewoks execute /path/to/ewoks_wf.json --engine orange
ewoks execute /path/to/orange_wf.ows --engine orange

or for an installation with the system python

python3 -m ewoks execute /path/to/ewoks_wf.json --engine orange
python3 -m ewoks execute /path/to/orange_wf.ows --engine orange

Launch the Orange canvas with the examples add-on

ewoks-canvas --with-examples

or alternatively install the example add-ons

pip install src/ewoksorange/tests/examples/ewoks_example_1_addon
pip install src/ewoksorange/tests/examples/ewoks_example_2_addon

and launch the Orange canvas with

ewoks-canvas /path/to/orange_wf.ows

or when Orange3 is installed

orange-canvas /path/to/orange_wf.ows

When removing an editable install, you may need to delete one file manually:

pip install -e src/ewoksorange/tests/examples/ewoks_example_1_addon
pip uninstall ewoks-example-1-addon
python3 -c "import site,os;os.unlink(os.path.join(site.getsitepackages()[0],'ewoks-example-1-addon-nspkg.pth'))"


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ewoksorange-0.2.1.tar.gz (55.2 kB view hashes)

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