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Yay, Exif!

Project description

# exifyay

Yay, [Exif][exif-wp]! This module provides routines for reading and writing Exif data in Python, backed by strong and time-tested C libraries.

The bindings are generated by [Cython][cython] and we use static linking to produce a self-contained Python C module.

## Sources libexif and libjpeg are based on version 0.6.21. We have removed some i18n related stuff and added a GPS routine from the same source where JpegEncoderEXIF comes from.

JpegEncoderEXIF uses libexif and provides a higher-level interface to set Exif data. We have added a function to unset tags and have extended the GPS support.

libexif performs the heavy lifting that lets us read and write Exif data. libjpeg is part of the exif tool closely related to libexif.

libexif and libjpeg use autotools, we use [CMake][cmake] because Simon could not figure out how to cleanly build static libraries that work both on OS X and Linux.

## Build `shell cmake . make python install `

To build you must have CMake, make, gcc, g++, Python headers, and Cython installed.

## Install using pip You can install exifyay using [pip][pip] but you must still have the build requirements installed. To create binary distrbutions, you may want to have a look at [fpm][fpm].

## Check for memory leaks We use [Valgrind][valgrind] and Python built with –with-valgrind on test scripts and make sure that no directly nor indirectly lost memory is reported. Possibly lost memory is reported, however, but our sanity check is to remove all libexif unref calls and such and verify that the possibly lost memory value is unchanged.

## Correctness We verify that running the same operations on the same data more than once do not change it. We also verify that outputs can be parsed with tools like [ExifTool][exiftool]

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## Licenses

[exif-wp]: [cython]: [valgrind]: [exiftool]: [cmake]: [pip]: [fpm]:

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