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An all-in-one place, to find complex or just natively unavailable components on streamlit.

Project description



An all-in-one place, to find complex or just not available components by default on streamlit.


Firstly, add import extra_streamlit_components as stx

  • Router

  • Route to specific pages in Streamlit. This leverages the use of query parameters to make custom routes in your Streamlit application. For best experience, make sure to include the st.cache function decorator while initializing the Router object.

      @st.cache(allow_output_mutation=True, hash_funcs={"_thread.RLock": lambda _: None})
      def init_router():
          return stx.Router({"/home": home, "/landing": landing})
      def home():
          return st.write("This is a home page")
      def landing():
          return st.write("This is the landing page")
      router = init_router()
      c1, c2, c3 = st.columns(3)
      with c1:
          st.header("Current route")
          current_route = router.get_url_route()
      with c2:
          st.header("Set route")
          new_route = st.text_input("route")
          if st.button("Route now!"):
      with c3:
          st.header("Session state")
  • Cookie Manager

    The long awaited between-sessions in-browser cookies store and manager! It stores cookies in a strict same-site behaviour.

    To add an expiry date to a cookie use the expires_at parameter in the set function. By default, it will expire after 1 day.

    Security Note: In shared domains such as, other web developers can have access to the cookies you set and the same goes for you. This is not to be treaded as security bug but a circumstance the developer need to be aware of.

    import datetime
    st.write("# Cookie Manager")
    def get_manager():
        return stx.CookieManager()
    cookie_manager = get_manager()
    st.subheader("All Cookies:")
    cookies = cookie_manager.get_all()
    c1, c2, c3 = st.columns(3)
    with c1:
        st.subheader("Get Cookie:")
        cookie = st.text_input("Cookie", key="0")
        clicked = st.button("Get")
        if clicked:
            value = cookie_manager.get(cookie=cookie)
    with c2:
        st.subheader("Set Cookie:")
        cookie = st.text_input("Cookie", key="1")
        val = st.text_input("Value")
        if st.button("Add"):
            cookie_manager.set(cookie, val, expires_at=datetime.datetime(year=2022, month=2, day=2))
    with c3:
        st.subheader("Delete Cookie:")
        cookie = st.text_input("Cookie", key="2")
        if st.button("Delete"):

  • TabBar

    Inspire from React's ScrollMenu, this component receives a list of TabBarItemData, and returns the id of the selected tab

    chosen_id = stx.tab_bar(data=[
        stx.TabBarItemData(id=1, title="ToDo", description="Tasks to take care of"),
        stx.TabBarItemData(id=2, title="Done", description="Tasks taken care of"),
        stx.TabBarItemData(id=3, title="Overdue", description="Tasks missed out"),
    ], default=1)"{chosen_id=}")

  • BouncingImage

    Probably not the best naming but this component, renders an image by its path or url, and animates by zooming in and out repetitively giving an illusion of a bounce.

    image_url = ""
    stx.bouncing_image(image_source=image_url, animate=True, animation_time=1500, height=200, width=600)

  • StepperBar

    A streamlit wrapper on MaterialUI's Stepper

    val = stx.stepper_bar(steps=["Ready", "Get Set", "Go"])"Phase #{val}")

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