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(F)ile T(ables)

Project description

Fables - (F)ile T(ables)

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For users:

Parse the tabular data in the input file:

import fables

for parse_result in fables.parse(''):
    for table in parse_result.tables:
    for error in parse_result.errors:

Inspect the contents of the input file:

node = fables.detect('')

for child in node.children:

Note if you've already discovered the input tree from detect(), you can pass it into parse():

parse_results = parse(tree=node)

Handling encrypted zip, xlsx, xlsb, and xls files:

node = fables.detect('encrypted.xlsx')
assert node.encrypted
node.add_password('encrypted.xlsx', 'fables')
assert not node.encrypted

You can also supply a passwords dictionary (filename -> password) into detect and parse:

node = fables.detect(
        '': 'fables',
        # an encrypted file inside the zip
        'encrypted.xlsx': 'foobles',
# and/or parse
parse_results = fables.parse(
        'sub_dir/encrypted.xlsx': 'fables',
        'sub_dir/encrypted.xls': 'foobles',

Seeing is believing:

Clone the repository & run the example file by executing the script with the following command:



The python library python-magic requires additional system dependencies. There are installation instructions there, but here are recommended routes to try:

  • on OSX: brew install libmagic.

  • on Windows: this pip install python-magic-bin will install a built version using ctypes to access the libmagic file type identification library.

Then pip install -r requirements.txt should do the trick.

For contributors:


  • all tests: pytest
    • coverage: pytest --cov=fables tests
  • integration: pytest tests/integration
    • coverage: pytest --cov=fables tests/integration
  • unit: pytest tests/unit
    • coverage: pytest --cov=fables tests/unit

Note all the coverage statistics are for statements.

Type checking with mypy

  • mypy fables


  • We enforce flake8:
    • flake8 .

Run test, type checking, and linter all at once

  • nox

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