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A simple Factorio RCON client

Project description


A simple Factorio RCON client


Without async support pip install factorio-rcon-py

With async support pip install factorio-rcon-py[async]

Async support is available as soon as the required dependency (anyio) is installed, so pip install factorio-rcon-py anyio is mostly equivalent, but not recommended due to dependency versioning.

Python 3.7+ is required.



import factorio_rcon

client = factorio_rcon.RCONClient("", 12345, "mypassword")
response = client.send_command("/help")

All documentation is in the docstrings of each class/method.

Asynchronous usage of this module is possible thanks to anyio. This means that you can use the async client with asyncio and trio. Use the AsyncRCONClient class. More details are in its docstring.

Available methods in both classes are (see docstrings for more info):

  • connect - Connects to the RCON server.
  • close - Closes the connection to the RCON server.
  • send_packet - Sends a packet to the RCON server.
  • receive_packet - Receives a packet from the RCON server.
  • send_command - Sends a single command to the RCON server.
  • send_commands - Sends multiple commands to the RCON server.

The methods for sending/receiving packets are available in case you want to write your own packet handlers, but in most cases you will never need to touch these and can use send_command(s).


Thanks to Truman Kilen for the initial code / idea.



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