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Adds fake credit score data generation to Faker Python package.

Project description

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faker_credit_score is a community-created provider for the Faker test data generator Python package.

This package provides fake credit score data for testing purposes. The most common non-industry specific credit scoring models are supported:

  • FICO Score 8

  • VantageScore 3.0

  • FICO Score 10

  • FICO Score 10 T

  • Equifax Beacon 5.0

  • Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model V2SM

  • TransUnion FICO Risk Score, Classic 04


Install with pip:

$ pip install faker-credit-score

Alternatively, install with

$ git clone
$ cd faker_credit_score && python install


From the Command Line

$ faker credit_score -i faker_credit_score

From within your Python Project

Add the CreditScore Provider to your Faker instance:

from faker import Faker
from faker_credit_score import CreditScore

fake = Faker()

# 'TransUnion FICO Risk Score, Classic 04'
# 'TransUnion'
# 791


By all means, contribute! I’d be happy to work with any first-time open source contributors so please, don’t be shy.


Execute unit tests and calculate code coverage like so:

$ coverage run -m unittest tests/*
Ran 14 tests in 0.406s


$ coverage report
Name                             Stmts   Miss  Cover
faker_credit_score/      58      0   100%

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