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Deploy your applications on VM Farms.

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Use farmer to deploy your applications on VM Farms.


Install with pip:

pip install farmer


You need to provide Farmer with your VM Farms API token. You can retrieve your API token from the API documentation section of the VM Farms portal.

Run farmer config to set your token for the first time:

farmer config

If you need to change your token for any reason, you can use farmer config set token:

farmer config set token c422b5e2230d617d22759a19a5a5cb65792edebc

You can also set the token using the FARMER_TOKEN environment variable:

FARMER_TOKEN=c422b5e2230d617d22759a19a5a5cb65792edebc farmer apps


farmer apps

Run farmer apps to list your applications.

farmer apps

If you don't see any applications, we probably need to connect a few wires for you. Contact our support team and we'll sort you out.

farmer deploy

Run farmer deploy to deploy an application:

farmer deploy api api-prod

farmer logdna

Export logs from LogDNA in JSONLines format.

First, generate a service key and configure Farmer:

farmer logdna config

To export logs, run farmer logdna export. You can filter results by application, host, log level, or a custom search query.

# Export all PostgreSQL logs from the past week.
farmer logdna export --from 'last week' --app postgres

# Export deploy logs from today.
farmer logdna export --app deploy

The -f/--from and -t/--to options support human readable dates like "1 hour ago", "30 minutes ago", "yesterday", etc. Refer to the dateparser documentation for more information.

Getting help

To get help for a specific command or subcommand, run farmer help:

farmer help deploy
farmer help logdna config

For bugs or feature requests related to Farmer itself, please open a GitHub issue.

For issues related to your applications or deploys, please contact VM Farms support.


Add this snippet to your Bash configuration (~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile) to enable tab-completion:

eval "$(_FARMER_COMPLETE=source farmer)"



Apache 2.0

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