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Library for working with output from static code analyzers

Project description

“firehose” is a Python package intended for managing the results from code analysis tools (e.g. compiler warnings, static analysis, linters, etc).

It currently provides parsers for the output of gcc, clang-analyzer, cppcheck, and findbugs. These parsers convert the results into a common data model of Python objects, with methods for lossless roundtrips through a provided XML format. There is also a JSON equivalent.

It is available on pypi here:

and via git from:

The mailing list is:

Documentation can be read here:

Firehose is Free Software, licensed under the LGPLv2.1 or (at your option) any later version.

It requires Python 2.7 or 3.2 onwards, and has been successfully tested with PyPy.

It is currently of alpha quality.

The API and serialization formats are not yet set in stone (and we’re keen on hearing feedback before we lock things down more).


I want to slurp the results from static code analysis into a database, which means coercing all of the results into some common interchange format, codenamed “firehose” (which could also be the name of the database).

The idea is a common XML format that all tools can emit that:

together with a simple Python API for working with the format as a collection of Python objects (creating, write to XML, read from XML, modification, etc)

I initially considered using JSON, but went with XML because if multiple tools are going to emit this, it’s good to be able to validate things against a schema (see firehose.rng, a RELAX-NG schema).

References to source files in the format can include a hash of the source file itself (e.g. SHA-1) so that you can uniquely identify which source file you were talking about.

This format would be slurped into the DB for the web UI, and can have other things done to it without needing a server: e.g.:

  • convert it to the textual form of a gcc compilation error, so that Emacs etc can parse it and take you to the source

  • be turned into a simple HTML report locally on your workstation

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