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Utilities for interfacing with FixedDataTable.js

Project description

Python utilities for building and rendering FixedDataTable components that can easily be sorted, filtered, and exported to Excel.


Install the python package:

pip install fixeddatatable

Install the javascript libary with bower:

bower install fixed-data-table-py

Usage Overview

  1. Build table rows as a list of lists or a list of dicts

  2. Build Column objects with arguments that match the column props in the fixed-data-table column API

  3. Create a Table object and pass the rows and columns as arguments

  4. In your template, create the FixedDataTablePy React component and pass in the Table.json as the options property.

Other Functionality

  • number formatting: give the column a num_format property with a numeral.js format string

  • filtering: pass the Table constructor the data key to filter by and a placeholder to enable filtering

  • exporting: pass the Table constructor the filename and the table header will include a button to export the table data to a .xlsx file


See the sample_project for a full example of a Flask app.

In your view:

from fixeddatatable import Table, Column

rows = [
    {'col1': 'a1', 'col2': 'b1', 'col3': '0.99'},
    {'col1': 'a2', 'col2': 'b2', 'col3': '0.12313'},
    {'col1': 'a3', 'col2': 'b3', 'col3': '1.04'},
cols = [
    Column(label='Col 1', key='col1', width=100),
    Column(label='Col 2', key='col2', width=100),
    Column(label='Col 3', key='col3', width=100, num_format='0.0%'),
tbl = Table(row_height=50, width=300, height=500, columns=cols, rows=rows,
            filter={'key': 'col2', 'placeholder': 'Filter by Col 2'},

In your template:

<div id="datatable"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  var tableData = tbl.json|safe;
    React.createElement(FixedDataTablePy, {options: tableData}),

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