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A flake8 extension that checks expressions complexity

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An extension for flake8 that validates expression complexity.

Splits code into expression and scores each according to how much one is complicated. Fires an error on each expression more complex than theshold.

Default complexity is 7, can be configured via --max-expression-complexity option.

Since Django ORM queries can produce long and readable expressions, checker can skip them. To enable this behaviour, use --ignore-django-orm-queries-complexity option.


pip install flake8-expression-complexity


if (
    (user and user.is_authorized)
    and user.subscriptions.filter(start_date__lt=today, end_date__gt=today).exists()
    and (
        - Check.objects.filter(user=user).aggregate(Sum('price'))['check__sum']
    and UserAction.objects.filter(user=user).last().datetime > today - datetime.timedelta(days=10)


$ flake8 --max-expression-complexity=3 ECE001 Expression is too complex (7.0 > 3)

Error codes

Error code Description
ECE001 Expression is too complex (X > Y)


We would love you to contribute to our project. It's simple:

  1. Create an issue with bug you found or proposal you have. Wait for approve from maintainer.
  2. Create a pull request. Make sure all checks are green.
  3. Fix review comments if any.
  4. Be awesome.

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