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Check for FIXME, TODO and other temporary developer notes. Plugin for flake8.

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Check for FIXME, TODO and other temporary developer notes.

This module provides a plugin for flake8, the Python code checker.

This module was inspired by flake8-todo


Install with pip:

pip install flake8-fixme

The plugin officially supports Python >= 3.6 and flake8 >= 3.7. You may find other Python 3 versions work as well.


The plugin finds temporary comments you may not want to commit:

def my_function():
    # FIXME actual implementation here!
./ T100 Fixme found (FIXME)

Each word has a seperate warning so you can adjust your workflow. We like to allow committing TODOs, but deny committing FIXMEs.




  • development pipeline now runs integration tests with flake8, for
    • locally built package (all builds)
    • package downloaded from pypi (after version release)



  • fixed pypi packaging not picking up source files
  • fixed not loading markdown readme correctly


Breaking changes

Upgrading to flake8-fixme from flake8-todo has the following breaking changes:

  • error codes have been changed as follows:
    • T100: line contains FIXME
    • T101: line contains TODO
    • T102: line contains XXX
  • a line containing multiple words will raise an error for each word
  • drop support for Python 2.7

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