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A flake8 plugin to ban PEP-420 implicit namespace packages.

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A flake8 plugin to ban PEP-420 implicit namespace packages.


Python 3.8 to 3.12 supported.


First, install with pip:

python -m pip install flake8-no-pep420

Second, if you define Flake8’s select setting, add the INP prefix to it. Otherwise, the plugin should be active by default.

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Implicit namespace packages are directories of Python files without an They’re valid and importable, but they break many tools, such as:

In most cases, tools fail silently, which can lead to a false sense of security:

  • Tests may look legitimate but never run

  • Code may be untested but not appear in coverage statistics

  • Types may never be checked

PEP-420’s algorithm is non-trivial which is probably why such tools haven’t (yet) implemented it.


INP001: File is part of an implicit namespace package. Add

flake8-no-pep420 will trigger this on the first line of any file that sits in a directory without an file.

Often projects have a few root files not in packages, for which an file should not be added. For example, Django projects normally have a file in the root of their repository. In these cases you can ignore the INP001 error. It’s possible to use # noqa: INP001 to ignore the error in-line, but this isn’t possible if the first line is a shebang, such as in Django’s In such cases it’s preferable to use Flake8’s per-file-ignores option, for example in setup.cfg:

# ...
per-file-ignores =

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