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Ignore individual error codes per file with flake8

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This flake8 extension has been discontinued in favour of the per-file-ignores option built into flake8 3.7.0 and above. But be aware that the built-in option uses different syntax.

An extension for flake8 that lets you configure (out-of-source) individual error codes to be ignored per file.

This is mostly useful when dealing with legacy code, so that you don't have to ignore any existing error globally, but get the benefits of all checks in new files, while you avoid introducing new kind of errors in existing files.

The advantage over inline # noqa comments is, that it doesn't clutter your source files or even requires touching them.


pip install flake8-per-file-ignores


You can can use following configuration syntax in any configuration file considered by flake8:

per-file-ignores =
  <filename>: <error>[,<error>[,...]]
  • filename is the filename, or if starting with a slash, the full path relative to the directory flake8 is running from, of the script that is subject to the ignores. It can also be a glob pattern, but note (just like with the glob module or in UNIX shells), * doesn't match accross directory boundaries, however, you can use ** in order to match recursively.
  • error has the same semantics as the --ignore command line option.

If an ignored error no longer occurs for a given file it will trigger an X100 error to make you progressively reduce the number of ignores as legacy code gets rewritten or removed.

For an example see the test folder.

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