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A flake8 extension that implements misc. lints

Project description

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A flake8 extension that implements misc. lints

Note: flake8-pie requires Python 3.6 or greater


  • PIE781: You are assigning to a variable and then returning. Instead remove the assignment and return.
  • PIE782: Unnecessary f-string. You can safely remove the f prefix.
  • PIE783: Celery tasks should have explicit names.
  • PIE784: Celery crontab is missing explicit arguments.
  • PIE785: Celery tasks should have expirations.

PIE781: Assign and Return

Based on Clippy's let_and_return and Microsoft's TSLint rule no-unnecessary-local-variable.

For more info on the structure of this lint, see the accompanying blog post.


# error
def foo():
   x = bar()
   return x

# allowed
def foo():
   x, _ = bar()
   return x

PIE782: No Pointless F Strings

Warn about usage of f-string without templated values.


x = (
    f"foo {y}", # ok
    f"bar" # error

PIE783: Celery tasks should have explicit names.

Warn about Celery task definitions that don't have explicit names.

Note: this lint is kind of naive considering any decorator with a .task() method or any decorator called shared_task() a Celery decorator.


# error
def foo():

# ok
def foo():

PIE784: Celery crontab is missing explicit arguments.

The crontab class provided by Celery has some default args that are suprising to new users. Specifically, crontab(hour="0,12") won't run a task at midnight and noon, it will run the task at every minute during those two hours. This lint makes that call an error, forcing you to write crontab(hour="0, 12", minute="*").

Additionally, the lint is a bit more complex in that it requires you specify every smaller increment than the largest time increment you provide. So if you provide days_of_week, then you need to provide hours and minutes explicitly.

Note: if you like the default behavior of crontab() then you can either disable this lint or pass "*" for the kwarg value, e.g., minutes="*".

Also, since this lint is essentially a naive search for calls to a crontab() function, if you have a function named the same then this will cause false positives.

PIE785: Celery tasks should have expirations.

Celery tasks can bunch up if they don't have expirations.

This enforces specifying expirations in both the celery beat config dict and in .apply_async() calls.

The same caveat applies about how this lint is naive.


# install dependencies
poetry install

# install plugin to work with flake8
poetry run python install

# test
poetry run pytest
# or with watch
poetry run ptw

# typecheck
poetry run mypy *.py

# format
poetry run black .

# lint
poetry run flake8 .

uploading a new version to PyPi

# increment `Flake8PieCheck.version` and pyproject.toml `version`

# build new distribution files and upload to pypi
# Note: this will ask for login credentials
rm -rf dist && poetry publish --build

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