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flake8 extension to warn on unused function arguments

Project description


A flake8 plugin that checks for unused function arguments.

This package adds the following warnings:

  • U100 - An unused argument.
  • U101 - An unused argument starting with an underscore

Configuration options also exist:

  • unused-arguments-ignore-abstract-functions - don't show warnings for abstract functions.
  • unused-arguments-ignore-overload-functions - don't show warnings for overload functions.
  • unused-arguments-ignore-override-functions - don't show warnings for overridden functions.
  • unused-arguments-ignore-stub-functions - don't show warnings for empty functions.
  • unused-arguments-ignore-variadic-names - don't show warnings for unused *args and **kwargs.
  • unused-arguments-ignore-lambdas - don't show warnings for all lambdas.
  • unused-arguments-ignore-nested-functions - don't show warnings for nested functions. Only show warnings for functions in the top level of a module, or methods of a class in the top level of a module.
  • unused-arguments-ignore-dunder - don't show warnings for double-underscore methods. These methods implement or override native builtin methods which have a specific signature. Therefore arguments must always be present. This is the case of methods like __new__, __init__, __getitem__, __setitem__, __reduce_ex__, __enter__, __exit__, etc.



  • Added a new option for ignoring functions decorated with the override decorator. Thanks to Thomas M Kehrenberg for contributing this!


  • Fixed an issue causing flake8 --help to break. Thanks to Calum Young for contributing this fix!
  • Starting from this release, automated CI runs on each Github PR. Thanks again to Calum Young for contributing this work!


  • Added a new option for ignoring functions decorated with overload.
  • Added a new option for ignoring dunder methods (double-underscore) methods.


  • Added new options for ignoring lambdas and nested functions. Thanks to João Eiras for contributing these!


  • Check nested functions.
  • Don't crash if an attribute is used in a raise statement.


  • Whoops, report the right version when using flake8 --help.


  • The first unused argument in a @classmethod decorated function wasn't properly detected. Thanks to Sebastian Dietrich for contributing the fix!


  • Stub functions that have docstrings are now correctly detected as stub functions
  • Functions with only a docstring are considered stub functions


  • The positions reported are now for the arguments themselves, rather than the function


  • Wrong project name in the readme, whoopsies


  • treat functions that start with "raise NotImplementedError()" as stub functions


  • fixed error in packaging


  • initial release

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