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Flannel \| A JSON Log Reader

Project description


`Repository <>`__

For JSON addicts, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to read
JSON-formatter log output.


"name": "blue",
"msg": "carry kid personal visit must table %s but machine other majority dog often avoid ever into %s now speech might when travel process everybody between structure group into behavior red especially staff energy condition somebody deal source %s %s very fish what final %s",
"args": [
"levelname": "ERROR",
"levelno": "40",
"pathname": "/thus/get/network/character/use/consumer/main",
"filename": "",
"module": "north",
"exc_info": "None",
"exc_text": "None",
"stack_info": "None",
"lineno": "1967",
"funcName": "involve",
"created": "9366883292.60978",
"msecs": "708.5866876106",
"relativeCreated": "766.580321207097",
"thread": "284803497762",
"threadName": "MainThread",
"processName": "MainProcess",
"process": "16475"

I know, doesn’t look that pleasing. That’s why I created a GUI
application to display JSON logs in a table.

Note that this application can ready *any* set of json data. It’s just
mainly useful for JSON log output.

Need a Handy JSON Logger?

Well, thought you’d never ask.

I actually created one

Why The Name “Flannel?”

That’s what loggers (lumberjacks) wear of course!


.. raw:: html


`[1] <>`__ `Bearded LumberJack Look <>`__ `CC BY 2.0 <>`__

.. raw:: html


And hipsters.

|Man In Plaid Shirt|

.. raw:: html


`[2] <>`__ `Man in plaid shirt <>`__ `CC BY 2.0 <>`__

.. raw:: html


Basic Usage

Flannel takes the input from standard input (stdin), meaning, to read
JSON output, pipe what you want from another command:


$ ./do-this-thing | flannel

Already have a log file you’d like to read? Don’t need that much extra
work done:


$ cat myfile.log | flannel

If you play your cards right the following window should appear:

A few things to note:

- Each key in the json log entry corresponds to

- A field in the **filter content** section.
- A header in the table

- The **Show Table Headings** is an entry, where you can type in any
field listed (comma seperated) and the table will show only those
columns you specify. You can also order the columns.
- Sometimes a program may spit out strings not in json format. That’s
why I included the **Raw Output** tab, so that if things aren’t
working out, you can see what went wrong. Note this is the raw output
for *your program*, not for *flannel*.

.. figure:: ./doc/images/flannel-basic-example.png
:alt: Flannel Window

Flannel Window

Not Seeing Anything in Flannel?

Firstly, you read the *Basic Usage* section, right? You need to feed in
from stdin. ;-)

Now that you have that covered…

I was a a bit confused myself, and I designed this thing!

It’s not an issue with flannel, but, rather, with how UNIX handles
standard input and output. When a program writes content to the
terminal, only stdout is piped. A program will typically write log
entries to ``stderr``, which is not piped to ``stdin``.

**tl;dr:** Do this instead:


$ ./do-this-thing 2>&1 | flannel

Notice the **2>&1**. That redirects stderr to stdout. Then you should
see output.

Log slowing down?

You might not want to keep *all* the logs in memory. Hitting the
``[Clear]`` button next to the output table should–er–clear things up.


- Python 3+
- PyQt5 and up
- Lord of the Config

Optionally, faker is used for the testing module


Install as you would other python packages:


$ pip install flannel

.. |Logger| image:: ./doc/images/flannel-man.jpg
.. |Man In Plaid Shirt| image:: ./doc/images/Man_in_plaid_shirt.jpg

Home-page: UNKNOWN
Author: Jordan Hewitt
License: GPLv3
Description-Content-Type: UNKNOWN
Description: UNKNOWN
Keywords: flannel qt lot viewer gui application app logging
Platform: UNKNOWN

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