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An OpenAI gym environment for the Flappy Bird game.

Project description

Flappy Bird for OpenAI Gym

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This repository contains the implementation of two OpenAI Gym environments for the Flappy Bird game. The implementation of the game's logic and graphics was based on the FlapPyBird project, by @sourabhv.

The two environments differ only on the type of observations they yield for the agents. The "FlappyBird-rgb-v0" environment, yields RGB-arrays (images) representing the game's screen. The "FlappyBird-v0" environment, on the other hand, yields simple numerical information about the game's state as observations. The yielded attributes are the:

  • horizontal distance to the next pipe;
  • difference between the player's y position and the next hole's y position.



To install flappy-bird-gym, simply run the following command:

$ pip install flappy-bird-gym


Like with other gym environments, it's very easy to use flappy-bird-gym. Simply import the package and create the environment with the make function. Take a look at the sample code below:

import time
import flappy_bird_gym
env = flappy_bird_gym.make("FlappyBird-v0")

obs = env.reset()
while True:
    # Next action:
    # (feed the observation to your agent here)
    action = ...  # env.action_space.sample() for a random action

    # Processing:
    obs, reward, done, info = env.step(action)

    # Rendering the game:
    # (remove this two lines during training)
    time.sleep(1 / 30)  # FPS

    # Checking if the player is still alive
    if done:



To play the game (human mode), run the following command:

$ flappy_bird_gym

To see a random agent playing, add an argument to the command:

$ flappy_bird_gym --mode random

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