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Flask blueprint management

Project description

Lightweight extension for Flask that primarily assists with blueprint and route management, but also (de)serialization and validation in views using blueprints.

It uses and is compatible with the standard Flask blueprint system, is modular and doesn’t depend on anything special.

Add an auth component and you’re pretty much up and running with your REST API.


  • Dead simple blueprint and route management that works with vanilla blueprints in Flask

  • Drop-in replacement for flask.Blueprint.route with support for Marshmallow deserialization + validation and marshalling

Basic usage

This shows some basic usage to give you an idea of how the extension works.

Check out the examples directory for usable examples.

Blueprint / Route management

This component of Flask-Journey is primarily for larger applications using factories, but works in any type of Flask application.


from flask_journey import Route
from .users import bp as users_bp
from .groups import bp as groups_bp

v1 = Route('/api/v1')
v1.attach_bp(users_bp, description='Users API')


from flask import Flask
from flask_journey import Journey

from .routes import v1

journey = Journey()
app = Flask(__name__)


The route decorator


These are regular marshmallow type schemas

from marshmallow import Schema, fields, validate

class QuerySchema(Schema):
    first_name = fields.String(required=False)
    last_name = fields.String(required=False)

class UserSchema(Schema):
    id = fields.Integer(required=True)
    first_name = fields.String(required=True)
    last_name = fields.String(required=True)
    user_name = fields.String(required=True)


The flask_journey.utils.route decorator is used with standard Flask blueprints and enables easy (de)serialization and validation with the help of the Marshmallow library.

from flask import Blueprint
from flask_journey.utils import route
from db import create_user, get_user

from .schema import UserSchema

bp = Blueprint('users', __name__)

@route(bp, '/', methods=['GET'], query_schema=QuerySchema(strict=True), marshal_with=UserSchema(many=True))
def get_many(__query=None):
    return get_users(**__query['data'])

@route(bp, '/', methods=['POST'], body_schema=UserSchema(strict=True), marshal_with=UserSchema())
def create(__body=None):
    return create_user(**__body['data'])

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