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A CRUD manager for Flask

Project description

A CRUD like manager for Flask.

Is Flexible

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from flask import Flask
from flask_manager import crud, controller, rules as rules_

all_items = {
    i: {'id': i, 'title': 'Title - {}'.format(i)}
    for i in range(100)
next_id = 100

class Controller(controller.Controller):
    def get_items(self, page=1, order_by=None, filters=None):
        return all_items, len(all_items)

    def get_item(self, pk):
        return all_items[pk]

    def create_item(self, form):
        # wtforms does not support dicts :( (I think:P)
        global next_id
        all_items[next_id] = {
            'id': next_id, 'title': 'Title - {}'.format(next_id)}
        next_id += 1

    def update_item(self, item, form):
        # wtforms does not support dicts :( (I think:P)

    def delete_item(self, pk):
        del all_items[pk]

class Crud(crud.Crud):
    controller = Controller()
    # you may merge read/update to "form" if using the same columns
    rules = {
        'list': rules.ColumnSet(['title']),
        'create': rules.FormFieldSet(['title']),
        'read': rules.DataFieldSet(['title']),
        'update': rules.FormFieldSet(['title']),
        'delete': rules.DataFieldSetWithConfirm(['title']),

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = Flask(__name__)
    admin = crud.Index('My Admin', url='', items=[
        Crud('My Crud'),

Then execute:

$ pip install flask-manager
$ python

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